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Found 2 results

  1. Are there any members in the Adelaide, or closer to home in the Adelaide Hills ?
  2. New to this forum, and to concertinas. Thanks for letting me post. I have a 20+1 Key Lachenal & Co., Anglo (Serial #93670). Based on the kind research of many others, it appears this concertina was manufactured sometime between 1885 to 1890. As you can see from the attached photos, the concertina was originally rebranded for "E.J. Ward Music Warehouse" of Liverpool. What research I have done over the past several weeks on this concertina led me to the following webpage: http://www.concertinamuseum.com/CM00916a.htm With the exception of cited model having a serial No. #78618, and the fact the it appears to have been refurbished. My concertina appears to be very similar in terms of style (at least outward appearance), branding (E.J. Ward) and general condition. So my question to this forum involves whether this concertina would be more valued as a: Antique / Conversation piece: (e.g. a little polish and dusting, but leave the broken straps and "beauty marks"). I would imagine that left outside of its carrying case, it would be subject to greater deterioration. Kept inside the case its not much to look at. Or, Restoring it for every day use (for me, sell it for others to restore): From what I have read Lachenal made many quality instruments. Is tone and/or quality of this 20+1 Key model, worth restoring for every day use? I believe some antiques are more valuable being restored and used, rather than simply preserved. I am just trying to figure out where this concertina falls in that equation. For those that my be interested in its origins, this concertina traces back to my Great Grandmother house in Denver, CO, in 1973. I suspect that it actually traces back with her, and her two younger brothers. All of whom were born in Liverpool between 1880 and 1890. All three eventually relocated to the USA. While its reasonable to believe that Liverpool is where/when my family acquired the concertina, I cannot document it. So while there is some recent history with my family, none of my direct family ever played it. It has been sitting, unused, on a shelf since 1973. So, unlike some of the other antiques and/or instruments I have, this concertina has little emotional connection for me. Thanks in advance for your input.... Concertina 1c.pdf Concertina 2.pdf Concertina 3.pdf
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