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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, I finally received the duet Elise from concertina connection J “But he bought an anglo concertina 6 weeks ago !?” Yes that’s true but while I really liked the anglo concertina, I wanted something more versatile. Have to say, I never looked too much for the duet concertina as I read somewhere it is harder to learn… Then I saw this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djQCJqOSA-U which make me look again into the Elise ! I just play it a couple of hours and I am already impressed ! The overall quality seem very good for the price, even the strap leather does not look cheap. The note on the right side sound very sweet, really like it ! The bass note on the left sound much better than expected (It does sound better with a note on the right hand than alone). It is bigger than the 20 buttons anglo but that’s ok, I can deal with that. It sound loud. Bellows is stiff, a good sign for a new concertina J The bellows being stiff, I probably need to push/pull more than necessary… After a few try: I could get quite easily a melody on the right hand, lots of fun. Need to play with the bellows (push/pull) to make the tune more soulful, this is more difficult than I though. While it is automatic on the anglo (you need the note !), I have to think about it on the duet. Again just 2 hours of playing. I tried some easy played slow Irish tune and I can see it is possible to mimic the anglo but probably not with the same result. Also tried a tune with one drone note, also easy as the drone finger does not have to move J It does take more air of course… Also tried a waltz left hand rhythm and melody on right, this is also more difficult than I though ! (coming from an Anglo where I can play the tune “easily”). Because of button placement I need to get used to. But I could get the tune (with error) after a while. Also tried some counterpoint tune…just killing J I won’t have time ever for that. I will stick to right hand tune trying to add soul, Drone tune, some blues and waltz, and other Beirut stuff J. My concern/small issue is the strap length !! I screwed the pin to make the strap shorter, I have big hand and it is still too large. So of course it was not very comfortable…I guess I have to add more holes in the strap…but then I imagine 90% Elise owner have this problem !? I can already see having both system (Anglo and duet) is not a good idea: Bellows technique, buttons placement, finding notes… So I still have to make a choice between those 2. And I’ll probably choose the Duet for the versatility and easier to improvise as many scales are possible. Coming from guitar world (first instrument), the possibility for improvisation is essential for me to keep interest. To play fast Irish tune, the anglo is definitively the right choice. Nicolas
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