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Found 2 results

  1. Since there are not many books for those who play 20-button Anglo, I've gone through Pirate Songs for Concertina, and Sailor Songs for Concertina, and excerpted and re-arranged a bit here and there to create a new book of tunes for 20-button only - Sea Songs for 20-Button Anglo Concertina. It has 96 songs and tunes, with the melody in standard musical notation, complete lyrics, plus tablature like all the other Rollston Press books showing button numbers, bellows direction, chords, and pitches in abc. Some are single melody, but most have full harmonic arrangements. You can find it on the various Amazons in paperback and Kindle, and Red Cow Music in Yorkshire has already put in an order (always good to support the local team!). I've attached the Table of Contents, hopefully it includes many of your favorites! Gary TOC-Sea-Songs-for-20-Button Anglo.pdf
  2. I'm currently putting together a book of songs and tunes of the American Civil War that will include a variety of arrangements and tablature for playing them on a 20-button Anglo concertina (since 20+ button Anglos didn't exist yet at that time period). Of course, the melodies will also be playable on any other concertina system and on most other musical instruments. With a wide range of patriotic, jingoistic, maudlin songs and old time tunes popular in that time period, there's a lot to choose from - Stephen Foster, Henry Clay Work, George F. Root, etc. I'm trying to whittle it down to 50 songs and tunes, but it could easily stretch to 60 before all is said and done. So, if any of you have any particular favorites that you play, or would like to learn, let me know as soon as possible! With luck, the tunebook will be available via Amazon by the first of next month. Time to stir up those Blue and Gray musical sentiments! Gary
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