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  1. I've just knocked together my first non-multi-track multiple line TOTM. The timing is quite ragged, and I got lost for ideas in the middle... but here it is: https://soundcloud.com/7wheels-1/httw
  2. That's great! I've just listened to their version... and while it's good too, I'm afraid that I prefer your version! I like the serendipitous nature of this sort of discussion - I'd never heard of Beirut before but now I've spent a happy half hour discovering them.
  3. Hi - great idea this. The first year I had a concertina I played a lot of Christmas carols. They were the first tunes that I learned to play as more than just a melody and they are still some of the only tunes I play from memory (I'm usually glued to the sheet music - even when I'm not playing exactly what is written). So when I'm randomly asked for a tune, or get to try out someone else's instrument, something like the following is almost inevitable: https://soundcloud.com/7wheels-1/comfortfood (yes I've signed up so no messing with ubuntu one needed!)
  4. Wow. I assume this is your "Dipper custom duet." Your rhythm is so well-regulated that at first I thought I was listening to a midi machine. But it is no machine, One can hear the human touch. I await "Xotis Romanes 2." I liked your recording a lot David, but I'm kind of in awe of Tona's. I don't play for dancers - or with other musicians much - and find maintaining an even tempo quite challenging. When playing on my own, stretching the timing occaisionally is part of being expressive, but when playing with others (or multi-tracking) I have to be far more regimented. I found that adding a 'timing track' or digital metronome greatly helped me get the timing even-ish for my recording - and it can be muted when exporting the recording.
  5. Nicely done. Great to hear two good concertina players playing together. I'd be intrigued to hear someone duet with another instrument (Bassoon would be good :-)
  6. I really like this tune... as you might have guessed from my posts to the poll topic. Using the dots from the original GIF I've recorded and mixed both parts. It took me a few takes, so I don't consider this to be my final attempt - hopefully I'll have time to get better and post again later in the month. As before you can download my version from UbuntuOne: http://ubuntuone.com/6rn19VS8C0aoYkn1HuCf8T
  7. Aagh! There was a reason he left the girl behind, what's she doing coming back? Xotis Romanes was promising a different sounding for the month, but now we're veering away from the exotic and back towards that determinedly single key, major key, dance tune... There is still time to leave her behind again... but I've done my dash so I'll have to rely on the swinging voters to help us get out of her reach.
  8. Thank you Jody and everyone who's posted a recording. I especially like Tona's first go round. I've really enjoyed playing this piece and am quite surprised that there are so few recordings so far. At the moment most of my music time is spent trying to keep up with my son's violin playing (we've been learning together for a couple of years and just now his playing has really taken off) but when I've had a little concertina time I've been compulsively playing this and also Music for a Found Harmonium (which is great on concertina... so give it a go!) My rather rough recording is a .wav file at: http://ubuntuone.com/4S4QBUmKLnWpQ58oZXiVwC Two times through, second time with accompanying chords mixed in. ... I've just realised how big the .wav file is so I've uploaded an mp3 version as well: http://ubuntuone.com/1kC3lxME7NDvOXIGMNx98v (Ubuntu one is not really designed for streaming, so you'll probably get better results by right clicking the link and choosing to save the file before playing it).
  9. Do you have a photo (or link) that would show me what a 'foot bass' is? Here's meanwhile one which they seem to build (or at least offer) momentarily: Wow. Thanks for that. I can't imagine sitting and playing concertina and one of those at the same time. Though I do rest my concertina on one knee. I guess if you use a neck strap your knees are less constrained. It would be theoretically possible to manage a harmonica as well...
  10. Do you have a photo (or link) that would show me what a 'foot bass' is?
  11. I like it! Don't think that recording in two takes is cheating. Musically the result is the same and playing with others (even if the other is yourself) is just as important a skill as playing two parts at the same time. There are plenty of very talented concertinists (contortionists) here. Don't put off posting until you're as good as them.
  12. I've been busy this month and have just had time to catch up with everyone's postings. Lots of variety! I had a little time this morning, so recorded this: http://ubuntuone.com/0c7XDS4rlvjnP7lL9HPycp It's three tracks - one just the dots, one the chords (digitally bumped down and octave), and one on a sopranino recorder (which was just crying out to be included in the fun). My initial attempts at this tune were highly influenced by bellowhead and were quite jaunty. This time I was trying for 'stately'.
  13. I myself have been distracted only by that signature since I read the first post of yours! Reminds me of childhood dreams: Prior to heading for the music (which I missed as well in terms of a profession) I firmly wanted to study the astronomy. One of my books had a moody painting of Jodrell Bank Observatory as to be seen in late dusk, with stars and planets starting to shine brightly... Just the stuff to dream of doing my job out there sometime... Regarding the music I agree with Geoff: You are surely exploring new territory (or should we say: a new universe) with your nice first attempt... The EC is such a great instrument for doing a one man/woman show, not in terms of showing off but to give people (being the first of them oneself) delight... The not so secret ambition is to record a TOTM in the bowl Tuesday is maintenance day when we're all parked nicely, but I must admit that from shouting tests, the acoustics are dire! I may settle with trying the little whispering dishes next time. Here's http://www.flickr.com/photos/mjpointon/4927373495/ someone else's photo - I'd have to figure out how to bungee cord the tablet to the focus of one, press the record and rush down to the other to play ) Back on topic, I'm floundering around a lot with this "playing more than one note at a time lark, it's like rubbing your head and patting your stomach at the same time ... so any tips will be gratefully received. Chris If you recorded in the bowl I'd have to get out to one of the now empty domes at Mt Stromlo, where I work, for a TOTM recording. A fire went through the observatory in 2003 and the insurance money has been used to rebuild telescopes at other (less light polluted) locations. The research school and ancillary staff are back in refurbished buildings but we are surrounded by empty domes which do have interesting acoustics - I've been to a couple of small concerts in them. Back on topic too - I've managed to get my head around harmonies when playing Christmas carols but not much else yet. I recommend carols as they are often quite simple to harmonise with, and a good place to start.
  14. I have to say, Jim, that I like your quick and dirty version a lot. And thanks to TOTM my son has discovered Bellowhead. He has recently been facinated by Wish List and decided that he wants to learn to sing while fiddling... now he'll be dancing too!
  15. Now that I've been for a quick ride and burnt off the adrenaline from actually posting something, I should follow up: TOTM is a great idea - I've really enjoyed listening to the different versions people have posted. I especially liked Chris' version which seemed to me to find the essence of the piece without overcomplicating things (not that I didn't like the more complicated versions too). My playing kind of spiralled away from the actual notes... and when I downloaded audacity and started playing with it things got kind of weird. My wife convinced me to post the minimally edited version though, so that I can't hide behind the technology. I played this on my Jackie concertina. I'm hopefully mere months away form a Wakker concertina and am looking forward to having more buttons.
  16. My turn. http://ubuntuone.com/0spWmVXQUX5kHSUhb7qg9R It ended up in harmonic minor when I played it...
  17. Hi, I have a Jackie and can now play quite quietly. It took a while for me to develop the level of control to be able to play a tune quietly, at a reasonable tempo, and sound OK. When playing music that includes harmonies or chords I still occaisionally have trouble with one of the notes not sounding - which never happens if I apply a little more pressure. I've played more expensive instruments and found that they will play more consistently with mimimum pressure but that shouldn't be taken to mean that you can't play a Jackie quietly if you're willing to do the practice. Cheers, Robert
  18. I had a great time at the festival. We're already planning our trip next year! I enjoyed seeing the Larrikins perform - Warren: I believe you might have been the only English concertina player on stage. I sat in on Dan Worrells workshop which was interesting in an academic sort of way (I've worked out how to play a scale in octaves on my english but don't think I'll be adopting it as my prefered style ;-) Hup: Thanks for the heads up re Dave from Franklin B Paverty. He was playing a banjo on Saturday but was only too pleased to show me his refurbished Wheatstone (original wooden ends replaced with silver, and woodwork redone in stringybark.) Nice guy and beautiful instrument. And my last highlight was meeting a guy in the session bar who had just been given two Wheatstone concertinas - one Bass the other Bass Baritone I think. Apparently an estate had decided that rather than selling them (when the original owner died) they would set up a trust that would lend them to Concertina players for perpetuity. I got to have a diddle with the Bass Baritone but found the lack of a note on the draw to be too distracting to manage any more.
  19. I'll be coming on Saturday, so will hopefully see you then - but will probably be darting from your session to Dan Worrell's session as I see that they are back to back!
  20. Hi, I play English concetina and am hoping to go to the the Folk Festival. I live in Canberra, within about a km of the venue but have not attended previously because of family commitments. This year I'm hoping to go for one day and will probably have a 4 year old in tow. If you choose a time let me know which day as I'll try to make that the day I go. I have only been playing for 2 years, but in that time I've not met another English Concertina player face to face, so I'm quite keen!
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