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    Model Rairoads, Scale Plastic Modelling, Playing the Concertina
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About Me

I spent 20 years as a currency trader in the City of London and then 20 years building trading room software systems. Made redundant in 2001, I moved up to rural Suffolk. I started out by making oak furniture but now write software in Smalltalk and live the life of a busy retiree. I am recently completed a B.Sc Hons. at the Open University - Computer Science

I played the guitar, banjo, saxaphone and flute when young. I gave up the guitar at 35 saying that I would come back to it when I retired. I now have arthritis in my hands so cannot hold a chord down. Hence I took up the Concertina as a means of playing music without the effort of chords on my fingers. I started out with a cheap Stagi Gremlin - resplendent in yellow and blue. I moved to a 20 key C/G Lachenal which has now going impart exchange for a nice Lachenal 30 button C/G.

Other hobbies include making plastic model kits of aircraft, racing cars and figurines. Additionally, I enjoy jigsaw puzzles and sewing tapestries!

I have two active blogs.

Scale Modelling - http://www.gsmblog.co.uk
My other hobbies - http://davidotherhobby.blogspot.com/

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