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  1. Mike - yes it is and due to be dispatched tomorrow, I can get it delayed if that would help. This is the link to David's site showing the box. www.concertina-restoration/#!for-sale-now/c32m Simon
  2. No - I am unsure what notes they are but they are not novelty extras.
  3. Restored by David Robertson. I have had this instrument for over 40 years and sadly never truly played it - it is time for it to go to a new home where it will be appreciated. David has done great work apart from rebinding the bellows ends cleaning and replacing the valves pads etc. the box is now concert pitch and ready to go. Please see the pictures. I am asking £1750 It will also be upon David's site in due course www.concertina-restoration.co.uk
  4. Any help anyone could give me would be great. In the flush of youth in the early 1970's and having attended Cambridge Folk Festival I was seduced by Irish and Folk dance music and I bought a 32 [or 33 if you count the bellow release button]Anglo concertina from a local junk shop. I think that it was manufactured by Lachenal and dates from about 1907 - the serial number is 139344. Please see the photographs. Can anyome confirm my thoughts? As I do not play the instrument I intend to sell it - can anyone advise on the best approach and what I should be asking for it, I would add that all the keys work and that there are no holes etc in the bellows Any help welcomed! Simon
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