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    Bought a Jackie after seeing/hearing a concertina played at contra dances and reading these forums & website for beginner instrument recommendations. contra dance, ragtime-era couple dance
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  1. Thank you very much for your post. Sounds like if I have the Geordie at home and the Albion at work, I will have a "breezy" instead of frustrating time in my lessons. :-). Geordie it is. Thanks everyone!
  2. I started with a Jackie four years ago, based on what I read in these forums, and I was hooked. Last year I bought my Albion treble. I kept the Jackie because I travel out of state for my job, and I keep the Jackie at my client site, so I don't risk the Albion with regular travel (and because I rapidly got spoiled with the convenience factor of not hauling the Jackie back and forth). A few months ago I started taking music lessons from a violin/mandolin/guitar player, who is astonished at finding herself teaching a concertina player but plays the kind of music I like, mainly contra dance tun
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