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  1. You can get a new Rochelle Anglo for less than your quoted price range, and I think that it would meet your criteria. Or am I missing something about what you're hoping to find? I am unsure about the Rochelle, and am looking for an instrument that I can grow into and have with me for awhile. The $25.00 garage sale find was sheer happenstance, but it hooked me. Sadly the action was getting hooked too, under the lip of the faceplate and caused me too much frustration to want to deal with that kind of action again. Does the Rochelle have riveted action? does it use a reed pan or reed block? Neither question is addressed in the information I've read elsewhere, the reed block issue isn't as important but it is relevent but the action is important. I wish there was some kind of instrument rental available to me to tide me over until I can pick up the Herrington concertina I am saving up for.
  2. budget range added above, I am flexible on the price but would prefer something in this range if at all possible.
  3. Greetings all, First off I am a very new concertina player. I have been lurking here for quite sometime (a little over 5 or 6 months at my latest guestimation). After reading, asking questions of the concertina makers and concertina shops that I could get in touch with(thanks for all of the info guys) I began to set aside cash to go ahead and purchase one of these amazing instruments. A few days later I was at a garage sale, and low and behold they were selling a nice looking Stagi/ Bastari ripoff (or a Chinese model, not too sure really) that was in excellent shape and I purchased it for $25.00. It played nicely, no leaks, etc. However like many instruments of this kind it did have a button sticking issue. Normally the issue was quickly resolved by flicking at the button with my finger until it released of it's own accord. I had the instrument for about 4 days before I had to open it up to release a button, and wouldn't you know at that moment the hexagonal end piece that frames the buttons and holds onto the faceplate was knocked out of my hands by my dog. Though I tried to repair it myself, my attempts were futile... I didn't have the correct tools. After much discussion and what not I had took a chance on a purchase with a music store that seemed legitimate, and in the end they never delivered an instrument to me. In fact this shop gave me a huge run around and in the end I believe that I was the victim of fraud. Luckily I was able to place a stop payment on the purchase, but even so it does leave a bitter taste in my mouth. So here I am, without an instrument and I am looking to purchase one but my funds are limited (whose aren't)however I am flexible. preferably in the range of $500. to $800.00. I am hoping someone here has a 30 button anglo w/ riveted action in relatively good working order (cosmetic appearance not terribly important to me, but good condition is) that they would be willing to part with for a reasonable price. Please contact me via PM if you believe you could be of assistance or believe you know someone who could be. Thanks much
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