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  1. If you're interested please notify me by message so I'll get a notification via e-mail. I'll try to check the comments as well.
  2. We made a brief and horrible video and posted to youtube. Apparently my phone is smarter than my computer so getting this far was a struggle. I'd be happy to facetime with anyone who's interested in taking concertina off my hands. At least you can hear how it sounds.With apologies....here's a link... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X90Xz7MKG9A
  3. Concertina is still for sale. Sorry for the slow response.
  4. BTW the concertina is in the gig bag (which is quite substantial) that it arrived in. I'm a wood worker and have built a few cases and would do the same for this instrument if necessary.
  5. Not sure about the 'smaller' designation. It measures 6" across the flats. I'll leave the discussion regarding the number of folds to folks who know more than me....and there are quite a few. The the button layout is Jeffries with the addition of a 'd' drone at the left thumb. I'll be seventy years old this year and though I've had fun with the little I've been able to learn on this instrument, I think it deserves a better home where it will get played and enjoyed. I'll stick with the fiddle and banjo and make the most of it.
  6. I will have to swallow my pride and make a video.
  7. I'm located near Asheville NC
  8. Looking to sell my Seven Mount C/G 30 Button Anglo. I bought this instrument a few years ago (it's #36) and although it's a fine player, it's small for my hands. Seven Mount is currently not taking any new orders but the price listed is about $4,200. I'm asking $3,000.
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