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  1. An unusual 40 button Wheatstone anglo in C/G, 6-fold bellows, serial number 57074, concert pitch, bought in 2008. This site is struggling with file sizes, so photos are here: https://myalbum.com/album/wjkK3wWaYsGG. This is from a period when Wheatstone were starting to use a new type of (lower quality) reed and lighter bodies, but somehow this instrument got through with the best of both -- previous generation, higher quality reeds but with a nicely light body. It is chirpy, quick and bright, but is capable of a softness and mellowness of tone which I hadn't heard on many instruments. This is why I bought it in the first place (as well as the extra buttons). Originally bought to play professionally, mostly in theatre, and has been well looked after in smoke-free, pet-free homes. A really lovely instrument which I am sad to sell, but I can't justify having such a fine model for only the occasional session. It will need some playing in, as it hasn't been played regularly in the last five years or so. There is a G# on the left hand which sometimes sounds raspy and should be looked at, and one of the extra keys on the right hand (E/D) sometimes sticks open, but I think this is due to the action being underused and will resolve with playing. Bellows in perfect, air-tight condition. Very happy to Skype/ FaceTime, send recordings or more photos, have people round to play it and post internationally. Currently in central London. £3250 Exchanges / part-exchanges for an English TT considered.
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