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    My Family, Live Music, Reading, Talmudic Studies, Cooking, Golf. Art, Theater. ect
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I studied back in the early 70s with Boris and Serge Matueswitch in NYC. I played professionally for about 25 years. I transcribed Bach, Kreisler, Tchaikovsky,Debussy, Joplin etc. Played at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. Serge and I played the Bach Double Violin Concerto as well as recoding the 3rd movement on his last LP. My specialty became European style music: French,Italian, Spanish, Tangos, etc. Had a group that even performed with the famed Pavorati when he performed at Resorts International in New Jersey. That was a trip! Though I can play Jazz with the best of em. I did 2 Broadway shows and was a musician on stage with one of them (a real turkey that closed in 2 months). I did a lot of recording back in the 70s and early 80s prior to a lot of electronics. I had the gift of recording with John and Yoko on Double Fantasy (Beautiful Boy). I also was a circus performer, acrobat, and was a founding member of the Big Apple Circus. I enjoyed making my living playing a rosewood 1937 Whetstone, 4 octave. I chord it very similar to a guitar without the bass line. Used to be prolific but got out of the music biz in 1990. Sort of played now and then. Had a tango duo for a while with famed accomplished accordionist, Rodger French. I recently am back in the game with a group from my synagogue. we play Ladino, Hebrew, Klezmer, etc and it is pretty wild. We gig about a half dozen or so times a year and there is talk about recording. Good to be back in the game. Nice to see a forum for other concertinists. 30 years ago we had Mugwamps and hanging out at Accordionorama and that was about it.


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