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  1. I would recommend the Minstrel from Concertina Connection. You can get one for $1475.00 with the bag or $1550.00 with the hard case, which I would recommend. It plays very well and is 6.25 across the flats instead of the 7.25 on the Rochelle. This alone makes a huge difference in playability. The action is much quicker along with bellows being leather for more ease of playing. The Minstrel was developed as a step up from a beginner concertina without having to lay out another $2000.00 to obtain a playable instrument. gremich
  2. The Minstrel is different in a number of ways. It is 6.25 inches across the flats as opposed to 7.25 for the Rochelle! This doesn’t seem to be that much until you get it in your hands, this makes the Minstrel standard size for an Anglo. The bellows are leather instead of the material used in the Rochelle, which provides much quicker control and easier air button use. The Rochelle is really hard to play up to speed and the Minstrel is a big improvement. With the Rochelle tradein it cost about $1000.00 including the hard case. The Clover would have been about $2000.00 more which is considerable. This seems to be a great next step up the Anglo line without having to spend a lot more money to have a very playable and enjoyable instrument. gremich
  3. I’ve recently received a Minstrel Anglo from Concertina Connection. I traded in my Rochelle and am very happy with the Minstrel. Wondering if anyone else has a Minstrel and their impressions of it. It’s a great improvement and even though it cost considerably more it’s money well spent! gremich
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