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  1. Cavallaro padded case from the button box is included.
  2. Selling a C/G 30 Jeffries 6 fold bellows concertina with middle C LH Drone in fair condition. Bone buttons. Needs at least right hand strap. Bellows may need replacing/work. Served me well but nowadays playing mostly the Carroll concertina. Asking $5700 plus shipping out of new Hampshire. Any questions please let me know... Pics follow:
  3. Selling a 30 button Morse concertina in excellent shape. Asking $2500 plus shipping out of new Hampshire with donation to CN if appropriate... Contact me if more questions.
  4. Can you tell us more about the Jeffries? Thanks


    1. Bernie Doehner

      Bernie Doehner

      Oops sorry I didn't see your message until I was trying to respond about the Morse. In New Hampshire. Needs a new right strap. Has a C drone, may need a new bellows. I'll try to post both shortly if I can get in via the phone.



    2. Bernie Doehner

      Bernie Doehner

      Hi,  Just posted pics to Buy/Sell group. Any questions please let me know!


  5. Are you still looking? I have too many concertinas and sadly don't play the Kensington enough. Was tuned by Dana a few years back and I have the screw driver and original docs. C/G 30 button, prefer a local sale in New Hampshire or the Boston area. Asking $2500 Bernie
  6. Hi Alex, Could you please contact me at: foxmoy@yahoo.com or call me at (603) 397-0854? Thanks, Bernie
  7. Hi James, What fingering layout? What finish? Are you anywhere near New Hampshire? How easily can individual reeds be changed in order to alter the layout? Thanks/Bernie
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