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  1. 38 button, bright and responsive instrument but not being played hence offered for sale in Exeter, Devon, UK. I have owned this since about 1986. It was lightly restored by Colin Dipper when I first acquired it. It has recently (2020) been fully overhauled by a local professional concertina restorer. Asking price is £6,500
  2. Fine, I expect to be around all next week - let me know when suits Roger
  3. I guess I'm looking for offers. I have been advised to look for offers around £4000. Roger
  4. Hi I have a Jeffries for sale - looking for expressions of serious interest or any expert advice. Not on ebay yet - I thought I'd try here first and joined the forum specifically for this purpose. Brief history: I bought the instrument in or about 1983 from an elderly neighbour who had recently moved to Devon from the south east. It had belonged to his father and had been uplayed for many years. I took it to Colin Dipper for restoration. His stamp is on the LH reed pan. Condition: plays well and in tune. Some keys (in the G row) are a little unresponsive - new springs needed perhaps? 6 fold bellows are scuffed and a little leaky and have evidently been turned round to compensate - ie the worn edge is now on the top rather than underneath. Leather case is missing its handle and brass catch. Description: metal (nickel?) ends and buttons. Jeffries Maker stamped between the buttons on RH end. Number 8 in pencil on reed pans, both ends. 39 buttons including C/C drone and air valve. Location: Exeter, Devon. I can email more photos and answer questions for anyone with a serious interest. Roger Webster
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