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  1. hello i'm looking for an affordable 30b anglo (nothing inferior to stagi w15 ln) with steel reeds good quality concertinas are too expensive for my modest income so used ones (even a stagi) will make me happy i actually play a 20b chinese (nice sound,but can't play with speed and precision,seems very fragile,etc...) so take pity !!! i can give between 300-600 euros for an well playable instrument the problem is that concertina is a foreign word in france ! there are none ! so it will be extremely difficult to make repairs and tuning down here... thank you all kindly here is my phone number (i cant call outside france) 06 20 89 63 23 thanks kindly Stef
  2. hello i'm a french beginner i purchased an unexpensive chinese 20b C/G which seems to play well, with a nice sound, but it seems diffidult to play fast irish tunes on such an instrument I need an affordable (always the same problem...) 30b C/G to play Irish music i was looking for something between 400 euros ( 600 euros maximum ) i don't want top quality instrument,just "middle" and playable after some searches , i found the Stagi W15 LN, it seems to suit my preferences , and is not expensive can anyone tell me wether i'm wrong or not ? does correct instruments exist within this price range (400-600euros) ? thank you very much (excuse me for poor english)
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