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  1. For all that are interested the instrument is in Scotland. Thanks to everone so far with your comments (and offers). I plan to give the post a little time to run to get as much feedback as possible to enable me to consider how best to proceed and will keep all interested 'in the loop'. Regards, Mr L
  2. Mr L, I post my photos on Webshots then it's easy to post either the photos or links to them, here. Good Luck Cheers Dick Thank you Dick. I managed to get pics on Flikr.com and have poster the info on the forum. Regards Mr L
  3. The pics can be viewed on Flikr Search under People and Aeola Pics and you should be able to view. This is the link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/36736828@N05/ I would be interested to receive any comments. Mr L.
  4. I now have some photographs however cannot get them to upload to the site. Has anyone experienced similar problems and how to overcome them? I would be grateful for any suggestions. Mr L.
  5. Thanks for the comments and the records Richard. Dick -it is Mr L however I obviously have keyboard issues. (perhaps explains why I cannot play the aeola) I will look out the instrument and post some photos and any further relevant information. It will probably be a few days as the instrument is at my mothers house however bear with me. Mr L
  6. I was wondering if anyone could advise on the likely value range for a used Wheatstone Aeola. The number is 32262. It belonged to my uncle who purchased it new and comes in the original leather case complete with sales receipt. I believe it has nickel fluted ends. It has not been played for years however when I last looked last year it could be played or should I say that I could get noises as I do not play. (one button did not work). At that time one of the leather straps on the case broke when I closed it as it was dry. I have no doubt the instrument is serviceable however as I am not a player I do not have much idea of the cost to refurbish and how much it is/would be worth. Any information you could give through this forum would be appreciated - if any further information is required I will look the instrument out and advise. Thanks Mr G
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