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  1. like if bach wrote it for... it's a 48 keys treble english concertina from barleycorn made in 1905 ???? I don't understand what you want to say (my maternal language is french)
  2. here , there's three others tunes of this sonata : sarabande double 9 8 double end of course, like everytime I record, I'm not satisfied. it's hard to record. those tunes got to be worked, worked and worked to success to express all the things that they could be for you, and.....to discover new things, to loose some others..... I got to learn the other.......
  3. thanks for all .... the aventure continue today with some change in the record technical process. (I don't know as well the equipement that someone lend to me)
  4. hi !! here there's some takes of today : the three first tune of the sonata 2 in B minor from the sonata and partita for solo violin by mister JS Bach playing with my lachenal . allemanda corrente double I got lot of joy to play them, I hope you'll have to listen to..... the other tunes of this sonata should follow the next days......
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