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  1. It's a 1-row button accordion. For that type of music the favored box has 4 stops and is in the key of C with the 3rds detuned 15 cents. There are several makers of very good boxes (noted by others here) and a few makes of mass-manufactured ones which range from mediocre to pretty decent. The Button Box sells several models of the pretty decent sort. Check accordion stores in your area for the same makes (or you can order from the BBox). -- Rich -- We currently own a cajun accordion. The instrument in question was the shape and size of a concertina and had metal spoon sharped levers instead of buttons. I have search the internet and can find nothing.
  2. Hello Everyone. I just purchased a 20 button concertina for my husband for Christmas. Neither of us have ever played one so we are newbies. He will probably enjoy it - if I ever put it down. I am absolutely smitten with this instrument and can already see the need for a 30 button. I play the pedal harp and native american flute also. Chris plays the uke and mandolin. All of our boys play instruments - fiddle, guitar, flute, spoons, bodhran, bass, ocarina, etc. My question: About 9 years ago, my husband was at a Zydeco festival in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and saw a man playing a small concertina size instrument that had metal levers instead of buttons. They had a booth where they were selling this instruments. Does anyone know what instrument this is or where to purchase one? My husband said it was great sounding and seemed very easy to play and that the man called them "Zydecos." Tammy Lee
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