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  1. Thanks for the reply. I have now ordered a concertina with Jeffries layout:-) S
  2. Yes and no. 30 keys and more or less only Irish music, hopefully in the Irish style. S
  3. Hello all. As I am buying a new concertina, one that I will play for many years to come, I am faced with the last choice in the process: Wheatstone or Jeffries? I have been playing a cheap C/G 30-button for a little while now, with Wheatstone/Lachenal layout. As I try to learn tunes and technique pretty rigidly (from recordings, books and videos, as I have no access to a teacher in Norway), I am moving along slowly but steadily. My concern is if I choose the "wrong" layout today, will that be an issue when I, a couple of years down the road, want to play tunes I already know (as a fiddler) in "trickier" keys like A maj or Bb. I also wonder what layouts accomplished players use. I have no plans (nor finances) to aquire concertinas in different keys, so future versatility is very important to me. Thanks Snorre
  4. Hello all. Does anybody have a link to diagrams showing Morse Ceili C/G 30-btn Jeffries and Wheatstone? I am buying one, and I ( think I) have Wheatstone-layout on my Stagi now. I am in the process of buying one, and just want to be absolutely certain..... Thanks in advance Snorre
  5. Hi all Came across this one: http://www.allaboutaccordions.com/concertina.htm As I am upgrading from my Stagi, and looking for a midrange concertina, the "Dublin" caught my eye. Has anyone on the board any experiences with this one? Snorre
  6. Snorre

    Morse on ebay

    Alas, someone beat me to it, in the last minute (being 4:54 in the morning in Oslo....) the winning bid was entered. Anyhow, I think I will go for a Morse, seeing the maker participating here, and all the good reviews this make has gotten. Again thanks for the contributions. Snorre
  7. Snorre

    Morse on ebay

    Thanks for insightful and humorous replies. Richard: Would the wear on the finish have a negative effect on the durability of the wood? I am probably going to start bidding on this shortly (watch out Frank ), and all said in this thread indicates that one way or another, I will end up with a Morse box. Snorre
  8. Snorre

    Morse on ebay

    We have a similar used one (but without the worn bits) on our shelves for half again as much, and they cost almost twice new. Rich, have you got a direct link to the one on the shelf? This thread just might end up in a new concertina for me, either way
  9. Hi, any opinions on this: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=190270255227 ? I am currently playing a Stagi C/G 30-button, which, in my repairwoman's opinion is not worth spending any money on. I am very much a beginner, but as I am spending an alarming amount of time practicing the concertina, rather than my main instrument, the fiddle, I have considered moving up in the world, in regards to quality and playability. I have never heard the Morse, but i presume it has the "squeky" sound of a concertina, rather than the broader, accordianish sound of my first tina, a 1950s Frontalini C/G 20btn. This seems like a good beginners instrument that will carry long into intermediate, and if the price (and seller) is right, I just might go for it. I would however like to hear the opinions of those that have played before me Thanks. Snorre
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