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    Interested in finding an appropriate buyer for the Wheatstone concertina left in my father's estate.
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    Columbus, IN USA

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  1. This Wheatstone concertina, serial number 36098, is from my father's estate. He lived in England from 1950 to 1956, and almost certainly bought the concertina new in 1955. It appears to be in almost perfect condition, with the exception of one broken key (see photos). I would welcome expressions of interest, and/or assistance in appropriately pricing this concertina. I am located in southern Florida (Stuart) if you are nearby and would like to personally inspect the instrument. I am aware of the 2% contribution request, and will gladly comply. Thanks in advance for your interest and help. Kim Singleton, Stuart, FL
  2. My father lived in England during the 1950s. At that time (or perhaps afterwards) he bought a Wheatstone concertina, serial number 36098. I was/am executor of his estate, and we continue to find things he collected. This concertina is one of them. With the exception of one button, which has broken off flush with the metal grillwork, the concertina appears to be in perfect condition. It plays all notes; the bellows seem fresh and supple; the body and carrying case show virtually no signs of wear. Do you have suggestions about the best way to sell this concertina. I've checked on Ebay, but there are no active listings at this time. This forum seems like a more appropriate place ... perhaps for selling, and certainly for advice from people who know what they are talking about. Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can give to me. Regards, Kim Singleton, Columbus, IN USA kpsingleton@yahoo.com In case the photo I've tried to post here will not display, a small version is also at: http://www.geocities.com/kpsingleton/wheatstone36098b.jpg
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