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  1. Hopefully this image works. I could probably have made the box a little wider. I haven't finished lining the lid. There are 2 cushions, one for the top and one for the bottom - they hold the concertina in place. regards stevo that's very elegant. Mines still a work in progress. Because I haven't time to put it together myself. I've given the complete patchwork section and my design over to my sister (she did a gcse in textiles) who's putting the whole thing together for me.
  2. what's that in metric? that's the longest they ever get. Before I trim them. I cant stand them cut down really short theres at least got to be a couple of millimeters of white showing. erm..yeah. Especially trying to imagine it in my head from what is written on the page... cross rowing = Rowing a boat after an argument
  3. I glued up a cube out of 12mm exterior grade plywood, sliced it about a quarter of the way down from the top, added hinges and a handle and lined it with some padding. It looks better than I expected finished with a few coats of tung oil, and although not watertight it is strong. I can post a picture if anyone is interested. stevo ooh, I'd love to see
  4. It ain't necessarily so. you want to know something odd..... I closed the concertina up completely then opened again and the buzz dissapeared. But then last night it buzzed of a different button. I seem to have a phantom moving buzz. I thought it was my fault because the first buzz appeared after my scarf got sucked into the bellows a bit. Or that maybe it was the way I was playing. sefits got a years garuntee (well that's what it says on the recipt I got it from Hobgoblin) but I have to arrange to go up to London again if I want to take it back. And I can't get there till next month.
  5. So; that's playing outdoors, in the winter months, sorted! Disadvantage, if you learn to play in the "across rows" style, and need to slide your fingers on/off buttons. Regards, Peter. I might get some lacy fingerless gloves for summer well this is how long my nails are What do you mean by across rows style? Is that hard?
  6. Ok..I did a search of the forum for stuff on handstraps (totaly confused too many to read through) I'm still not quite sure how tight they should be. But I find the last notch it too tight and the next one up too loose. And it kinda rubs a bit so I had a brainwave. Fingerless gloves. Makes my hand for the straps and stops it chaifing. anyway other question. Would you say having long nails an advantage or disadvantage in reaching the buttons?
  7. Exactly.....volume is all about bellows pressure alone. so are you saying to move slower or more gently for a quieter sound?
  8. I think I will make one. Pad it with quilting (wadding) but give it strength and hardness with interfacing/buckram.. Best of both worlds then
  9. here you go: of course..... found it ordered it now
  10. I want to be able to carry the concertina with me/take on trips etc. but all I have to put it in is the cardboard box it came in. Any suggestions for cheap bags or boxes? Or has anyone got a sewing pattern so I can make one? What makes good container? Does it need to be padded or have a hard bottom (I might be able to make some from my patchwork reminants).
  11. Hi LDT, You will not find this easy until the bellows are broken in, but use of the right thumb on the air valve, whilst playing, can control the flow of air, and, therefore, the volume. It's a tricky technique to master, but my thumb always hovers on/near the air valve to ensure: (1) The "correct" amount of air in the bellows. (2) I can play louder/softer, when required. thank for the reply. So just to clarify does that mean holding the button down or tapping it occasionly or pushing it down halfway?
  12. I'm still having fun just getting it to make a noise. lol! Although my family keep asking me whether they can have a go. My mums already asked me if I can learn play a tango on it. a nice noise i hope Well I didn't get the usual chorus of 'shut up' I get when I practice playiing the recorder or penny whistle.
  13. I wondered before the nieghbours start to complain..how do you play quietly?
  14. I'm still having fun just getting it to make a noise. lol! Although my family keep asking me whether they can have a go. My mums already asked me if I can learn play a tango on it.
  15. I know you lot will probably throw rotten fruit at me....but I went to the Hobgobilin store yeasterday and I had a go on some and (yor right the cheap 20 button ones even sounded cheap to my untrained ear) but I tried one I liked a 30 button anglo not a Rochelle though and couldn't resist buying it. it wasn't until I got home that I realised I should have asked the make. lol Must have been dazled by the salesman. lol! My mum has already said could I learn a to play a tango. btw. I think I might sew myself a nice patchwork quilted bag as it came just in the box.
  16. Speaking as a newbie (who is would like to play a concertina) I love it It sounds cool.
  17. is that new or secondhand? New, you'd rarely see a secondhand one. People tend to hang onto them, even after they upgrade... that's a good sign if people keep them even when they get upgraded. Shows its worth the money.
  18. As I've mentioned before, I have the Rochelle available for only Euro 265 in Ireland (£220 including trackable postage), with no additional import and tax charges if you're anywhere in the EU. is that new or secondhand? (I'll add to my list)
  19. I think its the lushness and they sound denser and thicker..if that makes any sense.
  20. sounds like a bargain. Do you ship to the UK then? We sell/ship and all over the world, but we restrict our rentals to just North America. -- Rich -- I shall keep that in mind. listening ot the clips on youtube...I like the sound of the duet most..but I suspect that's way out of my price range.
  21. I think I'll be playing on my own for a while...all the people I know who play music (my siblings and cousins)are more into 'rock'. lol! I think this is why I need to try some first see what I like the sound of best.
  22. Oh I managed to play twinkle twinkle little star on a harmonica once...but it made me go all dizzy. lol! I am quite fancying the Anglo, and I'd rather go for what is a popular/common tuning. Is that 'D'? I don't want to make a final decision till I've had a go on one though. I don't think there's any sops which sell them in southend so I might pop up to London. sounds like a bargain. Do you ship to the UK then?
  23. unfortunately I have none of the above to sell oooh...is there a clip on youtube anywhere of that? £240? It will be the most i've ever invested in an instrument. I'd better get saving....or ask for contributions from family. *puts tin marked concertina fund on desk* I may threaten them with playing the recorder if they don't pay up. Thank you for the welcome
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