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  1. well I've not managed to play quiet...but I've achived 'quieter' lol!
  2. Yes I was wondering the other day how old does something have to be before its 'traditional'?
  3. She seems to be holding the concertina up rather than resting it on her knee. (When I was playing wearing a skirt it kept geting caught in the folds so maybe that's why)
  4. what's a cootie? I'll go take a look
  5. I mean throughout history has it been played by mainly guys or gals? Who have been the famous players? *Wonders if she's going to start a ' heated discussion again*
  6. thanks That's me in cartoon. I do them as a hobby. (I'm a graphic artist by trade)
  7. that's why now I say I only like Rose when she's written well.....I don't mention I don't think she's been written well 90% of the time. lol! I didn't know being a bit odd was a requirement? lol! I can touchtype.....does that help?
  8. WHAT!!??!?!11!!?!eleventyone!! Are you crazy? Were you dropped on your head as a baby? Or did you just happen to fall out of the stupid tree and manage to hit every branch on the way down? Not like Rose? You... you... you... dalek-lover! [/tongue-in-cheek] Just in case you missed that forum since getting banned, I'm sure. I Quite like Daleks And I eventually became admin/mod of said group. So that just goes to proove..well I don't know what.....maybe that I'm more cunning than The Master on a good day Well I have a target song I'd like to learn to play. 'The Cheshire Waltz' and yes I have a wierd reason for why I'd like to learn it. Its the perfect speed for typing text to. (I find I type the speed of the music I listen to.)
  9. This thread seems to have go way off topic. I suggest the admin/mods close/lock the topic o prevent a big argument errupting. (This is more controversial than when I went on a Doctor Who forum and said I didn't like Rose as a companion. lol!)
  10. My latest attempt no buzzing The more I play the quieter the buzz. lol!
  11. Yep, that looks like one of the old red (single-reeded) Scholers that they used to make in East Germany. No comment! lol! It the theme tune possible to play on the concertina.
  12. I used to watch this show as a kid http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=ZN-HQqpZ3lg and never knew the instrument 'Jim' played..now I do anyway my question is is that a real concertina or is it some toy? And if its real what type is it. (I'm curious)
  13. oooh that's me Thanks for featuring it in a post thanks...I was thinking of 'charting my progress' with intermittant vids. oh and its LDT (short for ladydetemps...my nom de plume for fan fiction stories) rather than LDV. lol! But I'll let you get away with that
  14. If you look at the two videos where I demonstrate scales in the keys of "C" and "G" (I have an instrument in the keys of C and G), you might get a better idea rather than me trying to explain it here. I have attached a link to my "Playlist", for C.net members and visitiors who may not have seen it: http://uk.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=CE75B58D13322FBA Regards, Peter. I had a go http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=uw_GswvZqJA I found the chords quicker than the scales....got to try and memorise them. as for the nails...well they might get shorter.... I've had them that long for ages now I'm so used to them I can't hold stuff properly when they are short. lol! edit: My sisters giving me a manicure today so the nails will get shorter.
  15. SOmething I was worried about buying something expensive and not being able to play. I have a history of buying expensive stuff then not using it. (rather like 'fran' in Black Books http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=mWD3wH3qQqQ) I prefer to get something cheaper which I can have a bash at without worrying. I didn't know there were folk instrument shops till about a month agao. lol!
  16. £20 in the 70's what would that be nowdays? I'll open it up as a question everyone. What was your first concertina? (Now I'm going to find out how much you really spent on a first instrument)
  17. well the buzzing seems to be deminishing . But only time will tell I suppose. I'm so gullible aren't I?
  18. thank you I always seem to rub someone up the wrong way Don't know why. Maybe its my laid back attitude. m. It hasn't fallen apart on me yet. And the buzzing has almost dissapeared now. And it didn't bother me that much anyway. What type did you start off with?
  19. yep. what's the point of wasting a good instrument on a bad player. not dollars, it was £160. I don't buy anything secondhand. (you never know where its been or if its nicked) are you saying the sales person lied to me!? anyway I don't want an argument. I'm just a insignificant youth. I'll go hide under a rock again, and cry myself to sleep.
  20. How sad. Don't let the curmudgeons bring you down LDT--I'm sure you like your instrument just fine, as of course you should. It takes many years of playing concertina for one to become so curmudgeonly (I guess ) , so be thankful that you aren't so hard to please yet. some curmudgens don't understand the phrase 'minimum wage' 'credit crunch' and 'bills to pay' its only a stop gap one anyway so I can learn while I save for a better one. Its like I had a cheap mp3 player to tide me over till I could afford a better one. It's very hard to be sure what's going on without examining the instrument, but as ladydetemps has since said "I closed the concertina up completely then opened again and the buzz dissapeared. But then last night it buzzed of a different button. I seem to have a phantom moving buzz", I wonder if it might be the plastic valves that are causing the buzz, and they may simply settle down by themselves... Well I tried it last night and the buzz was on a different button but so quiet I could hardly hear it. So maybe your right and its the buttons.
  21. this is a work in progress I still need to add a 'lid' strap and put some interfacing in the ends then ad some padded inserts at each end.
  22. Sounds nice but its quite far to travel. Are these quite regular throughout the year? (I might be able to combine it with a holiday.) It would be at least a 3 hour train journey.
  23. SO what is the best way to learn. Should I concentrate on doing scales, or chords or just try to learn a tune? (when I was learning the guitar I manly just learnt a tune from tabs) (I've been following a lovely youtube video so far but its difficult to get to a computer with the net where I can sit there and play the concertina.) Which is best for learning the above book, DVD?
  24. I'm hoping to get there. Just got to arrange transport. lol! Will there be concerrtina's there to try or should I bring my own?
  25. it should be finished today by the time I get back. i'll post a pic tomorrow. lol! is it entirely hygenic? I'll probably keep mine in the cardboard box at home. Yep I've got to be carefull if my mum goes on a cleaning frenzy. Although most things are safe on top of the wardrobe.
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