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  1. My God! What a number of sources! It will keep me busy for a while. By-the-way I used to live in W.PA- taught at IUP.
  2. Has anyone run across a source for Italian Film music? I'm particularly taken with the blind accordionist used by, I think, Fellini and his music which often ends the films. I don't have much of an ear and am at a loss to pick it up.
  3. I have a 20 button Hohner, made in Germant, about 5 years old. Hardly a Stravadarus but quite playablr that I'd sellfor $150.
  4. I bought the Chinese English a few months ago and found, too late to return, that F and F# (upper scale) had been reversed. Otherwise its a cheap way to get started. I'm a person of little patience so I bought a Jackie. If there is anyone with $70.00,plus postage, I'd be happy to sell. innes11@yahoo.com
  5. Hi Scott, I'm a complete novice, inspired by bandoneon player Dino Saluzzi to investigate the possibilities of some kind of concertina. (My main instrument is jazz guitar, though I can play other instruments with varying lesser degrees of competence.) I opted for a baritone English. I just got my Jack last week and I reckon it's well worth the money. There's such a thing as false economy! Cheers, -Keith (in the Netherlands) Ciao! I'm still waiting for my Jackie, ordered several weeks ago at the new Washington state address. All paid for! The written promise was that it would be shipped within 24 hours. No e-mail address at the USA site. Is this a scam? Jim Innes
  6. I bought a Chinese English several weeks ago and found that the buttons for low A# and high F# were interchanged with A and F, that several high notes were out of tune and the bellows very stiff. It may be the (very) minimum worker was taking his revenge -but then it was cheap. I've ordered a Jackie but apparently it is coming by dog-sled. Hope that it meets expectations.
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