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  1. I have recently acquired a metal ended lachenal.It has fantastic reeds and plays beautifully apart from being slightly noisey.The noise is there when playing quickly and seems to be after many , many long hours of listening! an initial slap when the button is hit,possibly caused by some minor vertical movement? or possibly sideways into the metal?The button felt dampers appear in good condition, as do the cross key bushings and also the key hole bushings.The spring pressure is pretty light?Could this be the issue.Would it be worth respringing the middle (natural) notes with the longer lever arms so that spring pressure is greater.I would really welcome comments from anyone who can help with this!! incidently I've already tried , playing loudly constantly( annoying for the neighbours) playing with small squares of sponge glued to each finger(annoying for me as everyday tasks prove difficult) and spraying the whole action in WD40(only joking) all the best, simon
  2. still looking for the elusive baritone.I tried one yesterday with brass reeds from 1860ish that played well but sounded a little weak and 'thin' so am now looking for a wooden ended 1850-1870 ish, baritone english,pitch unimportant and reed material unimportant(!) that when I play low notes on it ,it sounds rich and warm...any leads gratefully appreciated..and preferably within a 20 mile radius of north devon due to the price of diesel...(I paid 138.9/litre yesterday...) thanks simon
  3. hi, I'm looking to buy a wooden ended 1850 to 1870 ,brass reeded english baritone.....condition not important..
  4. still available!!!swaps or pounds...
  5. surely the last one was an absolute bargain...2 english concertinas,one of them a top period treble aeola for 600 quid..............
  6. Hopefully a few photos added...the last one its sat next to a 48 key treble
  7. mailbox now emptied...whoops!
  8. now for sale......offers!!!( preferably monetary!) the instrument is in devon,uk.
  9. thanks chris,unfortunately I missed him by a day and he'd gone back to Stoke!!...............
  10. hi chris, can you tell me whereabouts chris' stand is in sidmouth..I can't find him in the blackmore gardens with the other trade stands?all the best, simon
  11. I meant that the reeds are "very large".....the concertina itself is slightly bigger than my baritone The b flats are are in the outside rows, not the middle ones? Like you say they are great quality instruments, and I played it for a couple of months non stop..transposing music down ,so that it fit into the 35 button layout.It makes an amazing sound....maybe I should keep it!!!!
  12. will attempt some photos this weekend...could you describe your trebles please?
  13. any trebles available for swapsies Jim?
  14. its got 35 buttons , if anyone's interested!!
  15. lachenal english ebony ended new model tenor excellent 6 fold bellows very large,but very responsive reeds concert pitch interesting bassoon/oboe type sound excellent condition apart from a few of the buttons have the tips worn off at angle. range is from c below mid c to the fsharp above the c above mid c...30 something buttons would like to swap it for a very good treble,maybe brass reeded....
  16. does anyone know the tune "davey's" or does it have a more common name? as I've looked on the session and can't find it anywhere. thanks , simon
  17. if you search on you tube for...concertina virtuosity no 1 ..there's a chap ruling on a treble aeola.Can someone tell me the name of the tune please and the name of the player.thanks in advance
  18. No offers of any baritones so far on my other thread so does anyone want to swap one for my treble aeola its ebony ended 48 key 1911,fretted between the buttons(81 fret?),steel reeds, as new 6 fold bellows,revalved,bushed and touch tuned last year.its particularly strong,and thick sounding right through the range and plays excellently.
  19. does anyone want to swap a wheatstone aeola ebony ended treble for a baritone?Its number 25000ish ,steel reeds , 6 fold bellows..................
  20. he does still have it........ it is however 3 thousand pounds...
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