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  1. I was recently playing some ITM in a noisy pub and noticed that I could not hear what I was playing and so had to but out of the tune being played .Am I alone with this or am I missing something ? Bob

  2. I was listening to a U Tube video recently about Singing Harmonies .A nice tip I heard was to take tunes that you know and try to play them in several different keys  by (ear) . Many tunes will be possible  .Try in the keys of C,G,D.A and F to start with .This teaches you that once you find the start note where to find  next note  .Once you have done that you can also sing and try to find the chords that go with the song . Again do it in several keys just playing Chords .Hope that helps .  Bob

  3. 20221121_110241.thumb.jpg.0459e9361a6b8b88deb4b5bc0e93074f.jpg20221121_110028.thumb.jpg.48fcad0222b5d13163397d5400683243.jpgSelling my 32 Button Wheatstone Layout concertina .Andrew Norman added 2 extra buttons 1 each side giving two extra notes per side both C# and F# .6 fold bellows .It's quite loud .Not used in the last couple of years .I used it for Morris , Session playing and song accompaniment.Nice case .20221121_105931.thumb.jpg.819f7d2a5921315a032e24a902b68c8a.jpgI am based in Penzance but could bring it with me late December to Bristol £1100

  4. I hope this is relevant to your Blog Jody. I can whistle on key to many tunes but it takes me a good long while to find the notes on my Anglo even if I play in a common Key say C or G .I have been playing since 2004 .I still often need written score to show me where to put my fingers ,I listen to the tune for lift .Is it just practice to here a note and then reproduce it on my instrument ? I would be grateful for any Advice. Thanks Bob 

  5. I want to improve my sound .I leant to play Irish style across rows, Now when  I play and sing  Harmony style , although I can play with the correct chording I think I have lost my Vamp. Listening to other singer/ players of Anglo I hear lots of Bellows reversals which the Anglo is known for. Jody for instance I hear you do this a lot .For example playing in keys G,C &D Am & Em ,I ought to know but are there Chords that reverse say C to G ,G to D excreta .Thanks Bob


  6. Just been up to Bishops Castle in Shropshire to one of Sir Johns Anglo Workshops .What a Brilliant 21/2 days tuition with a lovely bunch of musicians .John inspired me to focus my practice to achieve a altogether better sound and method of playing harmony .Although I was aware of the many techniques being taught it was grate being reminded and having them demonstrated by a Master Player . Thanks John and All who made the weekend so enjoyable .Bob 

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  7. Always concerned about my Concertinas being stolen .I try to keep them with me at all times when out and in a locked car boot or house at other times .Unlike some instruments they are hand made can not be replaced .Being small they would be difficult to trace or even prove who they belong to .I wondered if smart-water could be used.The water has a code that will lead back to the owner.Also wondering if it would be useful to fit a locator tab to my case  . Any Thoughts .?


  8. Yes getting lots of problems with my wrists .I think I used my Bike to much which puts pressure on the wrists .I wear hand supports often while playing ,especially in the cold outside. I don't really want surgery to fuse the joints but the wrists are often painful . Bob 

  9. On 4/1/2021 at 10:12 AM, Richard Mellish said:

    At the risk of adding too much advice, I would suggest not doing om-pah-pah all the time. It's OK some of the time but can get very wooden. For Fiddler's Green you could for example do om-pah-pah on alternate bars and om-nothing-nothing on the other bars.


    I could try to explain what I do with my left hand but it would be probably be too much information at this point on your learning curve.


    I do suggest making some chord charts, i.e. for each of the main chords for your two main keys, which buttons on the left hand side are in each chord for both directions of the bellows. For most chords there will be plenty of buttons in one direction and few in the other, depending on how many buttons you have altogether. Then your left hand can start to learn the chord shapes, as a guitarist does.


  10. I have 36 key Anglo and if necessary can play it like its an English concertina .To get an ( Anglo sound ) I am trying to play some pieces  more like the suck blow sound of a harmonica which you can easily do playing in rows .I have noticed in some arrangements players form for instance a chord using say two buttons anywhere on the keyboard that can immediately be reversed to form the next chord .This requires a well practised knowlage of the whole keyboard .I love my Anglo concertinas and do not want to play any other system I just want to study other methods of playing .Bob

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  11. I have been playing more than 10 years now and play Across Rows .Trying to improve my sound I notice some of my mentors reverse bellows playing in the same row .I think its what the Anglo is good for . It sometimes means playing two notes instead of  three eg F to C cord by reversing  the bellows .So often now I play in Row to achieve the effect.Ps hope you can understand  what I am trying to convey and would be interested in your comments .Bob

  12. On 3/10/2021 at 5:02 PM, Jim Besser said:


    JK uses a variety of techniques to get this unique punch on Anglo; the best way to plumb the depths of his playing is to take one on one lessons (he's doing them on Zoom) or one of his workshops.


    It's useful to note that in his recorded Anglo playing, he plays almost exclusively along the rows, not cross row; this greatly facilitates the assorted techniques (like the aforementioned 'zip") he uses.  It's much harder to get some of the punchy effects he gets playing in D, for example, on a CG.

    I learnt to play first Irish stile across rows .Then wanted to play Harmony .I used the online instruction on Johns site for eg showing push cords and pull chords in the Whitehaven volunteers  I play the first Full Bar pull and the second bar push for three notes then pull the D Also Where the chord symbol appears I am not sure if to play a full chord or just a single note to accompany the melody. I am booked into Johns workshop later in the year ,If any of you can add any guidance I would be grateful .PS I am trying to play with a metronome  .Thanks bob    WIN_20210311_17_06_43_Pro.thumb.jpg.75f315f5efcb2bf494c0b16bcaeacf6c.jpgWIN_20210311_17_06_43_Pro.thumb.jpg.75f315f5efcb2bf494c0b16bcaeacf6c.jpg

  13. I should have added that I wish to Record me Singing and playing , if that makes any difference .Should I record both together or maybe buy extra equipment ,get technical and record separate tracts for Music and Song, then add them together.Bob

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