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  1. You did say Lachenal right? Apples & Oranges. What is interesting though is that you mentioned that the winning bidder's id was kept private - We have not seen cocoa win much lately - so did Chris take his ID private?
  2. Hi there greetings from Ireland,I just joined and if it wasn't for you guys toopicoortyn would have caught me as well..I recieved a second chance offer for a Jeffries concertina a few days ago which ebay verified as being genuine but apart from that I havent heard from them.The problem is that I agreed to buy the concertina but since then he has contacted me personally not through my e bay account,I accepted the 2nd chance offer because it said that he accepted paypal.He now says that he is going through a divorce and does nt have a paypal account he wants to use global shipping I have never heard of this escrow company .I buy and sell jeffries and wheatstone anglo concertinas over here in Ireland and as you probably know they cost thousands of dollars.The e mail that he sent is exactly the same as you posted.E Bay says that I have to go through with the deal if he contacts me through their site but so far he hasn'y.I would love to hear from you if you have any ideas or more information.Ebay have told me that there is nothing that they can do.Comments would be appreciated....B Mulhaire...Galway city...Ireland
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