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  1. Yea, could be. I'm curious if anyone has seen a Crabb 4 digit number written on the reedpan like this on a Jeffries. I understand most were stamped later and pencilled in earlier on (and erased) and if I'm safe to correlate it to Crabb's dating. It would give me a date of 1886 - 100 years older than I am.  

  2. Hey folks, I have this 31 button Jeffries with a number written on the reedpan. The way it has bled into the wood makes me think its sharpie or some kind of modern marker, but the number looks vaguely like a 4 digit number starting with 8. It could have been a stamp that has been smudged off.  


    If I look up that number in Geoff Crabb's dating guide, the date is consistent with this style of Jeffries (31 ivory buttons, sycamore action). Has anyone found a Crabb 4 digit number stamped in one of these instruments? Where would it normally be found, or have you seen similar written numbers inside? 



  3. 2 minutes ago, Wolf Molkentin said:


    Actually I have a 20b Bb/F Crabb - it's a nice, albeit fairly simple instrument, but in need of some tlc regarding the air supply (I guess I would like to have the wood screws replaced with machine screws and end bolts). Ýou're playing a 30b (+) button C/G I guess?


    Best wishes - ?


    P.S.: I gladly repeat myself, the album has a fantastic musical touch, just as @Halifax has been saying!


    Yes I have a lovely metal ended 30 button C/G Crabb, early in manufacture relative to most Crabbs and very responsive and with its own unique tone. My plan all along has been to sell it for a Bb/F Jeffries once my spot on the wait list of a contemporary maker comes up, however I'll be sad to let this one go when that time comes. 

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  4. I think that is a Lachenal "Special AngloModel."


    Do the extra buttons play notes, or are they novelty sounds? The bellows look to be in good shape. 


    I've never had my hands on one, but I've heard that they were meant to rival Jeffries. 


    You can see it mentioned in this 1930 price list http://www.concertina.com/pricelists/lachenal/Lachenal-Pricelist-All-c1930.pdf


    It could also be a New Model - "The finest Anglo that has ever been produced" -- bold claim! It doesn't fit exactly the description of either, but could be somewhere in between. And they may have varied over the years. 


    Here is another thread that talks about them: 



  5. I currently play a lovely C/G 31 button concertina, a very early Crabb that was overhauled by Greg Jowaisas, with beautiful new bellows and tuned in 1/5 comma meantone. I love the concertina, but as luck would have it, I have another long awaited C/G from a contemporary maker coming my way this spring. Since I don't have a need for two C/G anglos, I thought I'd put the feelers out there:


    Here's a few photos of the Crabb









  6. I bought this Lachenal 2 years ago from Greg Jowiasas. It's been fully restored by him, with newer six fold bellows. I also had him swap the accidentals to Jeffries layout, as that is what I'm used to. It's a really nice player, but I now have a Crabb.


    Located in Canada but able to ship from USA (I love on the border).


    Asking $1200 USD. Will post pics and sound samples this weekend.


    Sold pending payment.

  7. That would be the air button. It's located on the right-hand side of the concertina not the left and typically operated by the thumb. All 30-button anglos have 31 buttons when you include the air button.

    No, when there was a picture of the other side of the instrument there is an additional button on the inside of the left hand C row.

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