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  1. Thanks for the replies. I did receive it and it is mostly playable, although the buttons feel a bit sunken and one note doesn't play at all. One of the reeds is out of tune also. In comparing it with the Chinese "Sunrise" concertina, it is a little bit quieter but very similar in responsiveness. I will say that the older Italian one seems a bit easier to play - the reeds seem to sound with less force. So far, I can play a c and a g scale, Turkey in the Straw, and Amazing grace. I really like the concertina and I find it motivating to learn. I play a number of other instruments (guitar, banjo, lute, baroque guitar, ukulele, and mandolin, recorder, concert zither) but have been having problems with the string instruments due to some neurological issues. I don't seem to have this issues due to the positioning of the concertina while playing. My goal is to learn some sea shanties to play and sing with the Anglo, and maybe give an English or Duet a try with some classical music. Looking forward to learning more!
  2. Hi - I'm a "new" Concertina learner. I have a Chinese one that I'm not thrilled with, so I bought this "Made in Italy" one from Goodwill. It looks like an older Bastari but the grill cover is different than other Bastari's I've seen. I haven't received it in the mail yet, but can anyone help me identify it? I'm sure it will need some work and as a piano technician, I'm sure I can work through the details. I love bringing old devices to life, and am looking forward to making this playable. Thanks for your help Bob D
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