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  1. @lachenal74693really appreciate the link to non amazon!
  2. @d.elliott & @Theo Thanks for the input on the instrument itself. I was under the impression it was a bit more of the "student" type model, with the red coloring for the C notes. Perhaps its worth saving up and taking it over to Wakker for some professional attention.
  3. I was aware that Wakker was just a little ways outside of town! I wasn't aware that spare buttons were available from them though. I'll have to see if I can make a trip out there to grab some parts and maybe even some advice on the box itself.
  4. Oh yeah sure, that makes sense. One of the black buttons on the left side was stuck open. When I removed the cover the little metal wedge piece stuck into the wood had come lose, so I pushed it back in and made sure the lever & spring action worked, that is to say made they it moved and the pad came up and went down. Currently the box makes musical noises. I might try to get some derlin rod and make new buttons on my lathe.
  5. Hi, I wanted to drop a note and say hello. I'm new here and brand new to the concertina, like others before me I found an old used concertina on ebay and am now in the process of futzing about with it. One of the buttons was sticky so I took it apart, and the red stamp is the only marking I've found so far. I've yet to get the reed pans out though, perhaps there is something under there. I've been learning to play the fiddle since the beginning of the year, and wanted to pick up another instrument to deepen my understanding of a tune, I guess the tin whistle wasn't quite good enough and here we are.. Anyway, looking forward to digging into this and slowly gaining some skills over some time. Oh and I'm in Spokane if anyone else is from eastern Washington. Cheers, JT
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