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  1. Hi Kerry. I understand to wish to learn to play the concertina. You do not specify which system but I suspect it is an Anglo rather than a English concertina. The Chiltitia Concertina Group based in Maulden, Bedfordshire just south of Bedford are a group of mixed level players of all systems and we have the facilities to teach them all. We meet once a month at Maulden Church Hall and in between have a Zoom only sessions. If you have your own transport it is probably an hour to an hour and a half drive depending where you live or you can take a train to Flitwick station on the Bed/Pan line and be met there and taken back to the station afterwards. Take a look at our website: http://www.chiltinas.org.uk/ for more information about the group or contact me via my email address to be found on the website. Looking forward to hearing from you. Best wishes Martin H.
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