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  1. yeah they sound pretty good, now only if i could understand.. Are there any good Polish bands with an accordion in it? i can at least understand that.
  2. WOOT i learned to play that little rift at the end of Reise Reise by Rammstein. I can't even read music lol.
  3. hahaha no, that comic link laitch gave me. pretty awsome. yeah so ive been searching for a website about the riverbend players, nothing found. Guess my talent will thrive off of videos and my imagination. woah, same time for a response, stephen! internet high five! nice.
  4. thanks for the great feedback everybody. how much would you say that mine is worth? and Theodore, how can i find out more about these people in Cary? P.S. that picture/comic was taped up on my wall.
  5. ok, here it is. the piano accordion. which appearently is not chromatic. i have some reading to do...
  6. its got this white pearl like cover, piano keys, its got "made in italy" and a serial number under it.
  7. yeahh i love this thing! sounds like bagpipes and an organ!
  8. talked to my dad on the phoen just now and ; my bad its not a gabenelli, its a Scandalli chromatic. made in italy and he said its worth much more than just $100. The guy said some girl wanted to buy it for 400 but he wanted to sell it to me to keep the spirit of playing the accordion going. my dad said it was about 2 feet tall. O.O i can't wait to see it. il get a picture of it and post it up here haha!
  9. I'm pretty sure what my dad got me was a Gabanelli Chromatic accordion, he didnt just get it from someone on the street he got it from a friend of his at work. since he said there was about 150 buttons on one side. well yeah il just learn off that. more word once i get it tommarow.
  10. wow. i hate ebay. well i ordered that package, and now i had to dcall the guy, give him 20 dollars payment for shipping so he goes to chase the truck down and take the accordion off it. and thats all cancelled and i dont really know my way around it so pushing buy it now has some consequences. and now my dad bought soem accordion from some guy at his work for $100 and he said it sbig and told me to cancel what i ordered a few days ago and blah blah. so now im stuck with an accordion, i still dont know what kind it is. " youl have to see saturday, i dont know anything about these" i hate this mess.
  11. ok well i ordered what i tohught was a good deal on ebay based on prices ive seen. Hohner panther, adjustable leather neckstrap, instructional booklet, and instructional video all for about $380. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...N%3AIT&rd=1 but now someone suggests i should get a Hohner Pockerwork. i have been looking for a couple sminutes now and cant find one for nearly that price. so heres the questions guys WHAT TO DO? keep my current order, or cnacel it and continue... the hunt...? i need answers fast.
  12. hey those bands sound good. The music video was crazy. My future band members say that wel do a practice next week or something and i told them how much of a noob i am and that i cant read sheet and i'm not gettinga good accordion till like 2 months but they dont care lol.. anyone know the dimensions of the Hohner Panther?
  13. haha tahts awsome stuff. one day i will be in some punk band playing the accordion. wait and see!
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