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  1. My friend and I are trying to learn a few songs, most notably "Particle Man" by They Might Be Giants and "Weird Beard" by the Mad Caddies. What are the chances that a TMBG and/or Mad Caddies fan is out there who has (or can?) figure out the concertina/accordion parts to those songs? I haven't had my 30 button Anglo for very long and, as such, haven't been able to figure out the various chords used in the songs. Thanks.
  2. Recently I decided that I would like to purchase a concertina. However, I'm looking for what I can only assume would be call a "miniature" concertina, not actually a "miniature" one, though, I'd prefer one that is simply smaller with fewer buttons. I started my quest for said instrument at the first place that came to mind: Ebay. Now, I'm certain that if I wanted anything from an antique lamp to a piece of gum chewed by Christopher Walken I'd have no trouble finding what I wanted there, however, a mini concertina was nowhere to be found. I then tried a Google search using various phrases such as "miniature concertina" and "small concertina", but mine seems to be a quarry as elusive as the Sasquatch. Concertina.net seemed to be the next logical choice. Does the instrument I'm seeking even exist? Is it known by a moniker or alias foreign to me? Should I repost this in the Buy/Sell forum? Any help is appreciated and thank you in advance.
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