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  1. mtk


    I have been using a computer software program called "G-tune". The program is no longer sold, but has been replaced with another called StroboSoft. http://www.jhc-software.com/gtune.htm G-Tune seems to work very well, although I have not had a second opinion on my tuning efforts (accordions only, so far). For fine tuning accordion reeds, I have a hardened (heat to cherry red and quench in water) piece of .030" music wire pressed into a wooden dowel for a handle. This is used to "scratch" the reed to move/remove small amounts of material. Is this an acceptable method with brass reeds?
  2. mtk

    Cleaning Keys

    Hello - I'm new here, this is my first post. Have you trie an ultrasonic cleaner, the type used to clean jewelry? I bought one to clean the reeds in an accordion I'm fixing. So far, all my wife's jewelry and watches look great.