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  1. For the record, there are two true Lachenal miniature anglos 3 3/4 inches across. The first:


    And the second:


    Both are now in marvelous condition, restored and highly playable, in key of D/A, with brand new 9 and 10 fold bellows, and owned by me. 

  2. 4 hours ago, Alex West said:

    I have a 26 key Jeffries which has very similar (but not identical) wooden ended fretwork.  Mine has a C Jeffries stamp on the veneer on the RHS.  I wouldn't rule Jeffries out without further examination.


    I can send you some pictures of mine if that helps


    Alex West

    Hi Alex, I would love to see some pictures for comparison. I'm trying to decide if I should fix this up, or sell as is. I don't really need another concertina, but I've never owned a Crabb either. Maybe I do? Another action pic attached…


  3. Hi everyone. I bought this after thinking about it for less than sixty seconds. I have a problem! It needs lots of work but it’s complete and in sound condition. Can someone help me identify the maker? Riveted action. No serial number. No maker stamp. Thanks!




  4. For whatever it’s worth, I’ve done the C/G to D/A conversion myself, on two different twenty button Lachenals, and they turned out great. It helps to have a donor concertina for cannibalising reeds. Move around the original reeds as much as possible then swap out others and retune as necessary. It’s very affordable if you don’t mind doing the work yourself. And though I appreciate the previous advice and would like to get better at playing in A major on my C/G, it’s nice to just have the simple twenty button layout play in A. I like playing American old time tunes on concertina, and there’s a lot in A. So I’d say, go for it! 

  5. The size of Lachenal reeds are not standardized. I have a good collection of spares myself, and if I line up a few reeds of any one note, some are big and some are small and some are in between. So, a randomly chosen replacement may not fit your reed pan. You may need to pick another one of your reeds (adjacent D or C?) that fits well in the empty slot, and be prepared to send that to whomever you contact for a C# replacement. Just a heads up. I wouldn't mind sending you a C#, but it is likely out of tune. And, I'm not sure what you mean by thumb screws? The brass hand strap screws?



  6. Back in January of 2019 a wonderful little Lachenal miniature came up on eBay. Owning a mini and semi mini already, and being short on money at the time, I told myself it was selfish to want another, and that I couldn’t afford the buy it now price. I made a lower offer, and have regretted it ever since. The price was reasonable and of course it sold to someone else within the hour. These minis are so rare, I feel an obligation to document their existence and was wondering if by chance it was someone on here that bought it? Maybe it’s been fixed up?! If no one speaks up, at least maybe this little unicorn can be remembered and preserved in these photos? I had the wherewithal to take screen shots of the listing photos, but not enough to just buy the darn thing myself. Better luck next time I guess. Can anyone tell me what happened to… or anything about this little treasure?








  7. I bought a mini Lachenal in Eb/Bb that I shared in a post here years ago. After trying to rebuild a set of reeds recently (for a different miniature in C/G), I have theorized that perhaps Eb/Bb is the lowest key practical for such a small reed pan. I haven’t found the Eb/Bb key useful in any sessions though. 

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