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  1. All good points!


    Worth also bearing in mind that Jones made a range of models of concertina - I have seen more variations of Jones anglos than in the range of Lachenal anglo models... you've also got the impact of how it has been looked after in its long life and how well it has been set up at present...


    Like Malcolm mentioned in the other thread though, would love to know more about this particular ones history!

  2. Hi Chris


    Good questions - this is my personal view based on the ones I have worked on over the years (several of which I have kept)


    1) Was it common or indeed did it ever happen at all that a Jones 20 key would have bushed buttons?


    Some of them did - the 20/30 key ones I have seen were later (or instruments with higher serial numbers in the 20,000 + range)


    2) How good were Jones reeds?  I know this might be hard to answer without a reference point but perhaps the answer to this question might suffice; how does a Jones 20 key concertina compare to an equivalent Lachenal?  Would they be as loud or as fast, or more so? 


    Every bit as good as Lachenal - just as fast / loud (especially at the upper end of their range). The broad steel reeds (like on yours in the other post) are different though to the steel reeds (not broad steel) on the later Jones instruments I have worked on.


    My primary concertina is a high serial number 30 key rosewood model (with original bushed keys) that on paper is the same as the 30 key rosewood Lachenal. I haven't played any Lachenal that would make me want to change from the Jones. This particular Jones also gave both a Crabb and Jeffries I have had the pleasure of working on recently a good run for their money!






  3. Hi all


    Thought this might of interest to some. This Wheatstone (number 1046) belongs to Chris Rowe and when I took it apart yesterday I almost missed this tiny writing on the left hand reed pan. What I think it says is '(reed) tongues fitted and voiced by Mr Saunders' - would be interested to see if you think it reads the same?


    I looked up the Wheatstone pay books covering 1845 and saw that there is a Mr Saunders listed - interesting to see that he was potentially doing some of the reed work at that time...





  4. Hi Stephen


    Thanks for posting this!


    Here's another one to add to your list - Lachenal 189476


    I have since moved it on with some other parts. It was never a complete instrument whilst I owned it - the bellows and frames were missing along with one of the action boards. I do have a few more pics if you need them..

    189476 RED.jpg

  5. Hi Rod


    I was one of the under bidders on this one. A few years back I had the same model (as parts) with a serial number very close - it had rusted end bolts and the same reed frames with rusting very similar… and that’s why I didn’t bid higher on this one. If you follow Dave’s book I reckon a lot of the reeds could be saved.. 


    I do have some spare reeds from that parts concertina which cleaned up pretty well in the end so shout out if that’s any help



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  6. Thanks Wes and Stephen - it was a lovely surprise when this came up in one of my searches yesterday! I hope it all goes to a good home and that the Jeffries Bros. list is ultimately scanned and made available with the other price lists on concertina.com


    I couldn't resist comparing the Jeffries Bros. list (c.1910 - 17) with the Lachenal list of c.1920.. ..


    At that time you could 'potentially' have gone to Lachenal & Co and picked up the following:


    32 key Rosewood Anglo, with steel reeds and 6 fold bellows for 7 pounds


    If you had made the 40 minute walk (from Little James Street) to Jeffries Bros. at 23 Praed St you could potentially have picked up this:


    32 key Anglo with Nickel tops and 6 fold gilt bellows for 7 pounds


    In todays money, I'm guessing that the Jeffries Bros. could be 3 times the value of the Lachenal?




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