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  1. Hmm. I do like the look of that Lachenal. However, my end goal is to be able to play classical like Bach. You guys ...damnit now I'm considering it again. I might try to go to a music shop in Northern CA and try one before commiting. I just live in the middle of no where so it would be a trek. I do have a cheap Bayan on it's way. Maybe I'll have an idea if I like the squeezy squeezy stuff after I give it a go at least
  2. Thank you all for the consideration. I thought more of this. Considering I am a paycheck-to-paycheck kind / sole bread-winner type of person, and I would inevitably be dissapointed in a cheap model. I probably just won't get one. Maybe one day when I hit the jackpot, but for the price of a crappy car... Thanks again everyone. I'll continue enjoying listening to these beautiful things!
  3. After as week of reading as much as I can, it seem slike a Swan from McNeely or a 30 button Lachenal is what I'm looking at. Although I would have to wait longer for the Lachenal unless a great deal came along. OR I could just buy cheap Rochelle to see if I like it heh. Any advice between the swan and lachenal for a beginner? Thank you
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