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  1. Where did the Spanish got the dance from?

    Who had taken control of their country and culture?


    Not really English is it?


    Only a couple of days ago I saw a documentary on TV about traditions in Austria. It was mentioned that sword dancing once was one of the styles of dancing which is more and more taken up again - they showed examples of one group and having seen that before in England it was in comparison almost the same but in a far slower way.



  2. Hello you out there!


    As a matter of interest I was wondering the other day what has happened to one instrument I owned and sold here.

    Must have been 2001/2002ish, as you can see on the pics below a rosewood concertina (Lachenal), brass reeds and it was in need of a lot of attention when I sold it. I can´t remember anything of the buyer but it went to the Midlands, that I do remember.


    I have no proper image program on the computer but the serial number is either 43XXX or 48XXX (stamped on the cloth it was always hard to read it).


    So, has anybody seen that one? I´d just like to know what happened to the old lady...





    post-163-1196888347_thumb.jpg post-163-1196888394_thumb.jpg post-163-1196888559_thumb.jpg


    I´ll give it another chance. Anyone seen this one?




  3. Hello,


    you might be interested in this website.

    Great source of classical music that is.




    Thanks :) I do use the IMSLP, but find it woefully short on concertina music (only a single item, and that's for the anglo and both beyond the range of the EC and written on two staves). Still, it's a great resource for violin music and the like.


    That´s right, but if you look around BWV 1000+ there are lots of pieces that are very suitable for the EC.



  4. There are several possible reasons for this: the warping occurred in the ten minutes or so that the end was unscrewed (unlikely?);


    Well, I am no expert but but I did have a similar problem putting my instrument back together in a dry flat during a cold winter. Later that year I removed the same end and didn´t have any problems at all.

    I´ve once been told a story by W. Wakker about an instrument - after having taken the ends off he could watch the action board as it cracked all the way through. The screws keep the machine together and sometimes for a long term so I wouldn´t exclude the above mentioned reason.


    But as I said, I am no expert at all


  5. Hello,


    I think a cloth underneath the instrument will only delay harming the bellows - the movement will eventually rub away layer by layer.

    the best way seems to be holding the instrument so that the bellows are free.

    This is a good example (and a very good player).


    So, yes everybody has his own style of holding and playing the instrument but corner on leg seems to prevent a lot.




  6. Congratulations!

    Very nice site, I wished my Dutch was better :-(


    lots of success with it



    Dear all,

    In an attempt to organize the Dutch and Flemisch concertina community we launched a website, Concertina Nederland.

    The address is http://concertina.wetpaint.com/.

    We have already more members than we'd thought possible and we're still growing.

    All Dutch speaking concertina players (and everybody else of course) are warmly invited to pay the site a visit and join the community!

    With kind regards,

    Mark v. N.

  7. Hello Henk,


    I hope you are well!

    I tried to open the site you mentioned and my internet security software instantly blocked the site saying it wasn´t good for me...

    Anyone else this experience?


    Greetings from chilly Germany



    Can anyone explain A min Aeolian or A min Dorian first of all?

    Just have a look at http://www.looknohands.com/chordhouse/piano/!! You can play around and discover all kinds of modes and chords.


    have fun

  8. that MENO means less - so MENO TEMPO means LESS SPEED??







    Meno means within the same given speed (allegro for example) that you continue with noticeable less speed. But not dropping down to something like andante...

    I think important is as well that you play a bit in a different speed without adjusting it like in a ritardando. You play a bit slower and when it says back to full speed - well, than it´s the original speed again.



  9. I remember having been to the Crawley shop about 10 or 15 years ago and compared to the actual prices they seemed to be very well calculated. The price for the concertina I wanted to buy at that time was actually far lower than these days.

    So maybe the pricing will change a bit - I remember it being a good shop with choice and quality, shame the instruments stay there so long.


    have a good week-end


  10. Which we need like the Germans need another sausage recipe :P


    Excuse me!


    only kidding. I thought that I came across a lot of boxes in this country but I can´t recall having ever seen one of those... and I live in a region where square boxes are still regularly played.

    Do you remember a name ?


    Greetings from Germany


  11. Hello all :) Also, I was wondering if there was any standard way of doing fingering for chords?


    Secondly, the fingering of fifths I'm finding difficult. Using the same finger for both notes works fine with staccato or portato, but obviously it's impossible to play legato like this... Is there any standard alternative fingering to use to get around this?


    Thanks in advance for your helps :)


    Hello you ;)


    There are only two ways of fingering chords on the EC (talking of chords that are played only on one side of the instrument):

    you can either push the requested notes using one finger or you take another finger available for pushing the buttons seperately.

    You can decide which way suits best for which piece of music. Sometimes pushing more than one button is the choice because it doesn´t matter that much regarding staccato, legato and so on.

    Sometimes the piece requiers the other version to be more precise.

    In general I prefer the one-finger-per-button version.


    happy playing


  12. I used to have a humidifier in the house to help the house plants...and me. Now I have so many house plants, large ones too, that they keep the house humid enough. I usally water once a week in the winter. It takes around 25 gallons to make the rounds of all the plants. The house is lots more comfortable, less dust, better for the instuments and me, plus I have a jungle inside when the snow piles up outside.






    I considered that as well last year.

    Last winter I unscrewed the instrument and apparently it had dried out so much that I had problems putting it back together again.

    I´ve got a little hygrometer now and some more plants and the humidity in the living room - and that´s where the instruments are - is almost constant at 50% at the moment.

    So this solution is looking good and (at the moment) effective as well.



  13. Yes, we´re having "sparkles of sunshine" here as well ;)


    I haven´t replied to your email yet but I will come back to it later...


    have a good week-end!



    Greetings from chilly Germany


    Chilly here, too, Christian, but at least the sun is out at the moment!


    Nice bit of playing, by the way.




  14. By the by Misha, you won't rest. The gauntlet has been thrown down and I'm sure you've started already. ;) That Bach was elegant and beautiful.


    Some additional information:

    I looked the piece I played up - it´s not Bach, the guy is called Jean Baptiste Loeillet de Gant.

    He was Belgium and wrote mainly flute pieces as far as I know.


    Greetings from chilly Germany


  15. Oh, I like this idea.

    Has anyone tried it actually?




    The problem with skype for that sort of thing is the slight delay - it's enough to make it impossible to play together (I've tried singing together with someone over skype - very funny but quite impractical). I think those people who do music tuition over skype don't ever accompany one another...

    I'd guessed as much - but the potential for one-on-ones, lessons etc must be pretty good.

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