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  1. Thanks to all the advice and experience provided. A Clover will be the mail to me tomorrow from Concertina Connection. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.
  2. Thanks Ken I would love to come to PA, but not any time soon. I’d bring fiddle if I did since my concertina expertise is, ah, as of this time non-existent and I would not be much fun to play with. But I show promise, I think. Maybe someday. I appreciate your input and FYI just did make a leap; I put a down payment on the Clover..
  3. Thanks much! I just sent a deposit for a Clover standard, even though CC is closed until the 26th. William did respond to me even though I may have made myself a bit of a pest with my emails.
  4. Has anyone played both Concertina Connection Clover and Button Box Morse & Co Céili? I want to purchase one of the two. The Clover has the Wakker bellows and metal capped buttons that seem like a valuable aspect. Anyone played both?
  5. Thank you Ken. I think I’m pretty well set on the Clover. Many say to buy the best you can afford, and the Clover seems to fit the bill.
  6. I have been playing McNeela Wren for a couple of years and it is no longer working for me. Slow action, sticking valves and leaking. I am ready to upgrade and trying to decide between three concertinas. I lean toward purchase from Concertina Connection since I am located in the Northwest, as they are. I am too far away to travel and try different concertina. I want an Anglo C/G. Does anyone have experience with the Minstrel, the Minstrel with Wakker bellows, and the Clover?
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