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  1. Mr. Manoury, have you gotten a chance to play many other chromatic systems like this? I find it’s a really interesting layout! Another oddity of mine (I assume a cheap fix by a previous owner) is the fact that the reeds seem to have only been tuned on the draw, which means attempting to play anything on the push sounds awful.
  2. This is the instrument as I acquired it, but I did intend to post pics. One button missing on the right hand and scratches everywhere, but I’m a sucker for anything with a bellows and I do plan on getting as much of it repaired as I can once that becomes viable again.
  3. Oh gosh yes indeed! Wish I had known about the book. What I really wonder is how many non-Rheinische bandoneons ended up in South America, and who are playing them. I see lots of info on bandoneon relating to tango and Piazzolla and the 142 boxes, but I wonder if there’s more info about the less desirable ones. As far as my instrument, I really like the layout for the right hand, but the left hand feels extremely clumsy for anything but chording.
  4. Hey all! I’m brand new here with my first step into the concertina family! I stumbled across this little bandoneon at a music store in my town, and couldn’t pass it up, despite obvious aesthetic and mechanical issues. I am now trying to learn as much about this instrument as I can! The system is very similar, if not the same as a Kusserow bandoneon, and the instrument seems to have been made in the early 1930s for export to Argentina, as the inside of the right hand side bears the markings of a musical instrument dealer in Santa Fe, a bit up the river from Buenos Aires. I found a virtually identical instrument that sold on reverb a while back but the seller didn’t seem to really know what they were talking about, as they billed a C.B. Arnold instrument as being made by Alfred Arnold himself. Also, upon looking at information I can find on the web, most sources would have you believe that the only bandoneons you’ll find in Argentina are 142s or variants of that particular system. Anyhow, just my little quarantine project, and I figured I would share and see if anybody else knows more about these (or can potentially correct my current notions)! CB Arnold 82 button chromatic bandoneon. I was gonna link pictures but I cannot figure out how. Thanks! -William
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