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  1. I liked a lot Doug Watt's rendition of this super funny song and I instantly knew I had to translate into my language and play it.



    My translation is a little far from the original since my audience knows little about Henry and his family values. I preserved the macabre athmosphere, though.

    Živemu človeku se zgodi (Many things happen to a living person)
    marsikaj, v grob pade mrlič, (a dead corpse only rolls in the grave)
    papež, kralj, berač, nič važno ni,  (be pope, king or beggar, it doesn't matter)
    ko umreš, uzame te hudič.  (when you die, the devil's got you)
    Ko zmoliš svoj poslednji očenaš, (when you say your last Lord's prayer)
    ne obudi te sto zadušnih maš. (no requem will resuscitate you)
    Starka s koso hodi med ljudmi, usak se je boji, (The reaper walks among people, everybody fears her)
    starka s koso glavo odrobi, kdo ji ubeži? (The reaper will chop your head off, nobody escapes her)
    Pravijo, da morajo umreti vsi ljudje, (People say everybody must die)
    morda tudi nas pobere kdaj nekega dne, (maybe even I will perish some day)
    ni pratike, ki dan in uro smrti napove, (there is no book containing your last date and hour)
    starka s koso hodi med ljudmi. (The reaper walks among people)


    Enega povozi avtobus, (Someone is driven over by a bus)
    drugi sam obesi se pod strop, (another man will hang himself)
    džanki si ubrizga zlati šus, (a junkie will take his final golden sniff)
    četrtega že čaka strelski vod, (for the fourth there is already a firing squad ready)
    in Jezusa pribili so na križ, (and Jesus was nailed to the cross)
    oh, ne, Matildi ti ne ubežiš. (oh, no, you will not escape the grim reaper) 
    Starka s koso hodi med ljudmi, usak se je boji, (The reaper walks among people, everybody fears her)
    starka s koso glavo odrobi, kdo ji ubeži? (The reaper will chop your head off, nobody escapes her)

    Kaj pomaga vera u nebesa in pekel? (The faith in heaven and in hell is no good)
    Nikdar še nikoli ni nihče nazaj pršou, (since never has anybody come back) 
    tudi če hudiču svojo dušo bi prodou, (even if you sell your soul to the devil)
    starka s koso glavo odrobi. (The reaper will chop your head off.)



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  2. Interestingly I've played now different concertinas for two years, I learned mostly from youtube and from this forum, but it never crossed my mind I could only play chords and sing along. For now I only play with left hand, maybe someone can help with both-hands-chords chart?

    I'm presenting this funny drinking song, see my quick-hand and rather rough translation. Singing and performing- also with not much care or effort 😄.


    Monday - discipline

    maybe a glass of wine

    Tuesday - I get wasted with beer.


    I don't drink I only degustate

    or sometimes when I get dehidrated

    to break the ice, to clear my throat

    I've never drunk for the sake of love..


    Wednesday- whiskey with ice

    afterwards whatever comes by

    Thursday- plum spirit- 

    my head hurts.


    Friday- brandy or cognac,

    to sooth my stomach,

    Saturday- I'm not picky

    because I'm so frustrated.


    Sunday- I reboot

    and I decant my contents,

    If I summarize-

    I only degustate.



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  3. 1 minute ago, Marcus said:

    Hey Gregor - nice one!  What concertina is that?  Is it the Vintage?

    No. It's a Clare from Irish concertina company.

  4. On 2/27/2022 at 10:19 AM, papawemba said:

    So lucky to be there ! enjoy !  I will certainly go there on the near future...

    Did you tried "The vintage" concertina ? Seems like a nice one too.

    The employee let you played the Eiru for a minute meaning he told you "not too long" !?




    Hello, I didn't want to bother him too much with my presence. I got a very good impression what playing the highest shelf concertina looks like. In 3 years I'm turning 50. Then I'll buy myself a vintage, and in a year I plan to trade it up for Eiru.

  5. On 2/27/2022 at 12:19 PM, Jillser Nic Amhlaoibh said:

    If you're still in Dublin there should be a session at the Cobblestone this afternoon, always a bit of craic.



    Unfortunately, yesterday at the time you mentioned I was already on the airport. I suppose I'll need to return to Ireland. I like my staying very much, so it's highly probable it will occur some day.

  6. Hello, I'm spending a week in Dublin. Which is quite and adventure for me, since I'm from Slovenia. Any Dubliners in this forum? Yesterday I was at Irish concertina company shop, Sean wasn't in, he's coming back on Thursday and I hope to catch him. Only one employee was in and he let me play for a minute his top shelf concertina- Eiru. It was such a pleasure! Tomorrow I'm going to McNeela's. Any chance to meet a local authentic player for an hour of chatting and exchanging experiences? All the best to everybody.

  7. An amatory and by no means derogatory (the state of fascist crapp-ism in my country exceeds imagination) serenade for the waning times of my fatherland's usurper rule. May he soon be taken to his Creator's bosom.
    Thou stronghold of the alt-right provenance
    thou sex bomb of the collaborationist troops
    there isn't in the world a man manly enough
    who could conquer thee.
    Helga, why have I met you ever in my life?
    Helga, gimme back my virginity!
    Helga, there's not a match for you in the third Reich
    Helga, thy beauty frightens me.
    When you cock my Luger
    the bolsheviks capitulate
    you raise thy right hand:
    Mit uns ist Gott, Heil Führer, Sieg!
    Helga, for one passionate hour of bonking
    Helga, to hold you passionately
    Helga, I would eat a pound of your dung
    Helga, I'd go to Stalingrad and die.
    Thy pedigree assures
    the triumph or our better white race,
    so that our descendants
    may see times of racial purity.
    Helga, let me rip your pantyhose
    Helga, let me concieve life under your heart,
    Helga, for the fatherland and for our sacred nation,
    Helga, you will give me a dozen of children.
  8. On 2/9/2022 at 2:55 AM, SIMON GABRIELOW said:

    Hello Gregor; at 1am in morning [in Uk time] I have scribbled down my transcription from your own notes you submitted here on the concertina forum. I have tidied it up a bit and put into a 12/8 rhythm where it seems to fit better.

    I have gone by your own notes, and hope it is a reasonable version for you to be able to read from?


    Thank you Simon, you did a wonderful transcription. 

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