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  1. This beauty has found a new home. Additional cost have arousen at the customs (thans brexit!) and some repairs and adjustments had to be made. I would like to thank the seller Philip Ives to have split these unexpected costs with me. I am more than happy with this beauty. The good thing is that in the workshop in which I until now had my instruments repaired- they weren't up to the task and I found another repairer. See his internet page:


    He's a real master and from now on, I intend to be his customer.

    Now I am a proud owner of two high end- concertinas, well the first is Irish concertina company concertina and the second is melodina made by Stéphane Le Lan. Let the Christmas begin!


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  2. 49 minutes ago, Rae said:

    Great! I'll keep in-touch with you. I'd have to take some money out of my bank account to make this purchase, so I'll keep you posted on when I'm able to do so. :)

    I'm looking forward to getting my hands on this beautiful instrument!

    Good. The most reliable way to keep in touch with me is e-mail: gregor.markic@gmail.com. This mail is also my Pay-pal reference. This Swan concertina should suffice for a beginner for a year or two. Later an upgrade is sensible. An experienced player told me once: an instrument superior to your abilities will teach you a lot, if it is inferior you will learn nothing new. It took me some time to realise how right he was. 

  3. 13 hours ago, Rae said:

    Would you be willing to ship to the US? I would pay for shipping, but I would like to know how much that might end up being, if you have an estimation.

    Yes, I can ship it to the US. It's around 50€. Not much more than to EU.

  4. Discounted for further 100€ since I really don't want the beauty not to be played. Additionally I badly need money for a GD instrument. Extremly convenient price!!! Price for new 2000+ euros!


    Earlier this year I bought a concertina in this forum. It is less than one year old.

    It's a very well made fast player. This was my first quality concertina and after playing different cheap instrument I can tell it has an exquisite outstanding sound. State is like new.
    Featuring : 

    - Stainless steel end plates 
    - Action riveted
    - 6 fold leather bellows with decorative papers
    - Reeds Tipo A-Mano Voci Armonichie Italian made steel reeds
    - Wheatstone Layout
    - Solid box


    Concertina is sent from Slovenia, I am asking 1400 euros + sending costs (EU = approx. 40€)












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  5. On 8/31/2021 at 11:43 PM, JoachimDelp said:

    Have been very busy and have read your message only now.

    Yes, I am delighted with the idea to inerchange smoe Music and learning one from tghe other.

    Presumably we ae omore or less of a similar level as players.


    Give me please a bit of time, I shalll leave for Spain, holyday and vbusiness, and when I cme back I shall try,perhaps together with my freind Phillip to record some music for you,., which I jhope you wil like

    Think I shal send ir to you to mail address.

    Can imagine easily, tha we shall enjoy together and learn or get some mpulses for new tings.


    I am very jhappy with the idea.





    We play generally Folk : Irish ,German Basque tunes (Ilike very much) some Russion and also some pouular music.


    Perhaps some day we can met in _Slovenia or in Germany and can play diretly together.:)


    Hallo, Joachim, es würde mich freuen mit dir zusammenzukommen, weil ich außerdem auch Deutsch lerne seit 6 Jahren. Ich würde eiverstanden mit dir mich zu treffen und ich finde es interessant, dass du änlichen Musik-Gefallen/Geschmack hast. Was ich spiele kannst du dir in meinem Youtube account ansehen und wenn nicht habe ich auch in diesem Forum viele meine Aufnahmen veröffentlicht. Bis bald!

  6. On 8/28/2021 at 8:18 PM, JoachimDelp said:

    Love it, inspiring !

    Perforemd nn a D/G tuned Concertina ?


    Is it yuo, who plays teh tune Edelweiß?


    I am learning to palydifferent styles, but I like also to play in a ximilar way as you do.


    Me alone and together with my fiend Phillip we are playng similar tunes occasopnally in one or the otehr Biergarten. And people enjyo it.


    Kenn to learn more fromyou, I amredy to record some of our beautiful tunes for you and you gie memroe of your stuff ?



    Hello, Joachim. My concertina is C/G and yes, I played Edelweiss. I'm flattered if you like my playing, I consider myself to be a beginner though. If you send me any musical ideas, it would be honour and pleasure for me to try and play it even more so if you learn something from my playing.

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