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  1. On 5/20/2024 at 2:56 PM, hjcjones said:

    That's not as straightforward as it sounds.  It depends what keys you prefer to play in. The rows of a melodeon are a fourth apart, whereas anglos are a fifth apart, so they don't quite match up.

    Thank you very much. Luckily I don't have to make a final decision. I'm buying now this GCF accordeon from Germany https://www.musik-center.de/de/akkordeon/steirische-harmonika/hohner-corona-ii-g-c-f-3.html. They return money with no-questions-asked policy if you don't like your purchase. Then there is another solution- to buy a midi instrument. In my country there is a company (https://totter-midi.com/sl/) which does wonderful instruments, but they are pricey (5000€). Of course it is nice to have an instrument which plays in all possible tonalities, but on the other hand, midi systems' sound are no match to the sound of true reeds.

  2. When something tackles my attention I cant resist translating it into my language and possibly butchering it with my singing & playing.
    I played&sang this piece horribly yet I regret nothing. It was fun! Pardon my french pronunciation, it's all greek to me!
    Kathryn attired my attention with her glorious rendition:
    Soon I found the origin of the lyrics:
    Hot Chocolate - You sexy thing 1975
    And this is the translation in slovene:
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  3. Thank you, Mandojoe for your flattering words. The truth is that this last recording of mine is pretty bad, but I don't mind. I struggle with Chemnitzer button layout. I will post another recording of the same piece in next days- played on a regular wheatstone concertina, which is much easier. Bach is a the true and one god of music. Simply divine.

  4. Summary: Edward Jay's concertina is the best I ever played. And I played many.
    I don't remember exactly how long, I would guess at least a year before he rolled out his first 3d printed concertina, I admired Edward's work. I ordered a GD concertina from him in 2021 and then I changed my mind, because tall expenses after Brexit for imports from GB in my country have become terribly high- 1/3 of the value of the purchase. I must have disappointed him by cancelling my order but luckily Edward found another buyer for that concertina. Then in 2022 Ed reached me again and I gathered up courage and ordered again the same instrument and with help of my friend who travelled to UK the Jay concertina came into my hands and it was love at first touch. I may not be a virtuoso in playing, but I have tried many instruments and I believe my evaluation of a concertina is a reliable one. I played one of the finest exemplaries- eg Eiru edition by Sean Garvey (Irish Concertina Company)., Stephan le Lan's exquisite Melodina, and Seth Hamon's fine concertina- among others. 
    The keys are thick and flat. I like them this way a lot. I like playing thinner buttons as well-. like the buttons on McNeela's Tina. The one thing I really dislike about the otherwise excellent Clare concertina from Irish concertina company is that the buttons are slippery. The spaces between the buttons are perfect and the responsiveness of the buttons is optimal. Even when the smallest pressure is exerted on a button, the sound plays. This is crucial for trills and other musical ornamentations. The capacity of the bellows is impressive. Playing soft or loud doesn't have much impact on the quality of sound and soft playing is just captivating. 
    I do not want to spend many words on the sound of the Edward's concertina other than that I love the sound a lot. I should limit myself to reviewing the playability and responsiveness of the keyboard.  In this regard Jay's concertina excels above all others. I bought a GD-pitched concertina from Edward. I find this tuning more suitable as an accompaniment to singing. I simply can't judge the sound since I only have one instrument to compare with. It is so that the lower the pitch of an instrument is the less consent will be achieved among listeners on the quality of the sound. Low tones are usually accompanied with some buzzing resonance and a richer coloration of the tone. Tuning is more difficult and even differences of temperature have an influence on the pitch and sound. The sound of a concertina depends a lot on the wood it is made from and on the ending of the concertina (metal/wood). A 3D printed concertina is of course made of plastic and this material is usually not highly appreciated in musical instruments building. I must say I am no big gourmet in sound quality. My persuasion is that the music resides within the soul and heart and not within the air and ear. It is still very important that a musician has a good instrument. In my five years of playing concertinas I can say that good instruments taught me a lot. At the beginning my teachers were of course bad instruments, but I learned a lot and now I need the best I can get. In other words: Jay's tina. I will post a recording, I only have to muster some courage to do so.


  5. Dear concertina players comunity! After only two years I am selling this lovely Melodina. Reason: purchase of Edward Jay's concertina also tuned to G/D. These instruments need to be played and I am very sorry, I can't just store in my small appartment so many of them. This one deserved to be played regularly and I will not be able to offer it a proper treatment. I bught it for 1200€, I had one reed replaced and it never left my home, I looked after her like a loving father. I'm selling it bellow the real value- for mere 1000€. It's an eye catcher and an excellent player!!! I highly recommend it, it's suitable even for an advanced player. It is responsive, the sound is a little peculiar yet beautiful and pleasant.


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  6. 16 hours ago, Luke Hillman said:

    Oh hi! Thanks for the tag, David. @Gregor Markič I'm working on a video tutorial for it. I'll post here soon as I have it done :)

    Gosh, that would be a gift from gods! I'm already practicing only with screenshot. It's a start. This tune is a blast for my musical taste.

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