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  1. Tarquinbiscuitbox

    DG Melodeon to GD Anglo?

    You've explained it very well. Thank you for your help 🙂
  2. Tarquinbiscuitbox

    DG Melodeon to GD Anglo?

    'Easy' would be that I don't have to re-learn the fingering patterns for the tunes that I play.
  3. Tarquinbiscuitbox

    DG Melodeon to GD Anglo?

    I currently play a DG melodeon and I'm thinking of getting a GD Anglo. Does anyone know if it's easy to transfer playing from one to the other? Many thanks, Jon.
  4. Tarquinbiscuitbox

    What is folk music today? UK and USA

    Go into Youtube and type 'English Folk Music.' You'll see a playlist with over 270 videos. Well worth watching.
  5. Tarquinbiscuitbox

    Double Duet

    I’ve recently been looking at the layout of Wheatstone’s Double Duet system and I quite like it. Each finger hovers over a row, the notes are arranged in a logical order and the chords seem fairly easy to form. The problem is... I imagine it’s virtually impossible to get one. I’ve thought about converting an English by removing the finger rest and moving the reeds about, but don’t know if this would work. Your thoughts please…