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  1. On 2/11/2019 at 10:36 AM, reenact12321 said:

    the cheaptina!!!

    I don't usually lol, but this hit the nail on the head!  I want to play for my own entertainment and enjoyment but I don't want 'cheap' and am afraid of shelling out the money on something that has poor sound.  I have a 20+ year old 'red' concertina made in Italy bought in Feb 2019.  Buttons are

     wiggly and sticky.  I have strongly considered the Swan and I am afraid of a harsh or brassy sound--maybe just the higher notes? Timv's video is very good and the Swan does have a nice sound.  It didn't seem loud to me at all.  And is a 30b really necessary?  For the price I could get them all, even if I seldom use them!   I guess  I need to figure that out for myself.  Timv video sounded very nice though.  I would be inclined to go ahead and buy a Swan.  

  2. I've had my anglo concertina since Feb 14.  I have The Best Concertina Method and 2 of Gary Coover's books.  There are good things about both books and I work on the drills, etc.  My logic says it's important to know what note is which finger, and if it's on the push or draw.  Some people may have better memory and play by ear better than I do so they may learn in a different way.  Am I on the right track with trying to learn a good foundation in 'reading' the music.  Is it what a concertina teacher would do??  Also, thanks to info from the forums, I know you can play the youtube songs slow.  So, I practice the 'drills', the short runs using each hand, and practice the short songs in the books, then wait til it all kicks in!  I do have music in my background so I'm not completely  starting at zero.  Today I figured out that is a very handy thing to tap your knee to keep the beat!! ha ha.... It keeps the fingers moving better and will 'force' you to get those fingers 'goin'!   I am trying not to be too dependent on the fingering numbers any more than I have to, especially if different writers use different # finger methods.  I am expecting to play slower tunes rather than Irish reels.  I like the 'waltz'  tunes and am looking for more of those in books and online.  Does that about cover it for a plan?? 

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