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    I like to go to the pottery studio for fun; trying to learn the concertina is the other thing I do to keep busy between rental property, chickens and trying to get my husband to get rid of the cows. Hate cows. :-) !! There's not much going on in my town. I have to drive an hour to the pottery studio! And I figure if most people can type, it's only a 'small' step to the concertina! I mostly just expect to entertain myself with playing the concertina and I know a music teacher who might be able to get me over the rough spots of reading some of the music. I did play cello so I can wing it ok for a while.
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  1. I don't usually lol, but this hit the nail on the head! I want to play for my own entertainment and enjoyment but I don't want 'cheap' and am afraid of shelling out the money on something that has poor sound. I have a 20+ year old 'red' concertina made in Italy bought in Feb 2019. Buttons are wiggly and sticky. I have strongly considered the Swan and I am afraid of a harsh or brassy sound--maybe just the higher notes? Timv's video is very good and the Swan does have a nice sound. It didn't seem loud to me at all. And is a 30b really necessary? For the price I could get them all, e
  2. I don't think I am considering a Swan concertina anymore! I'll just hit the garage and estate sales! My cheap 'beginner' was made in Italy at least. If I get brave I will try to do a little maintenance. I did see a Hohner accordion today at an antique mall along the highway. It looked like it came out of a barn! Good for decor I guess. $85.
  3. I am sure this is 'rare' (?), but it doesn't inspire confidence. I was considering a Swan at some point in the future. I think I will wait for that miracle of a concertina at a garage sale!! It will give me something to do, besides practice!
  4. On Facebook page for 'Concertinas are Cool' there was discussion about cases. The old/vintage overnight travel cases like American Tourister, etc, might work in a pinch. Some measure 9x9x16 inches and could be retro-fitted, or padded more!
  5. I've had my anglo concertina since Feb 14. I have The Best Concertina Method and 2 of Gary Coover's books. There are good things about both books and I work on the drills, etc. My logic says it's important to know what note is which finger, and if it's on the push or draw. Some people may have better memory and play by ear better than I do so they may learn in a different way. Am I on the right track with trying to learn a good foundation in 'reading' the music. Is it what a concertina teacher would do?? Also, thanks to info from the forums, I know you can play the youtube songs slow.
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