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  1. Absolutely correct. Apologies for any ambiguity
  2. I did manage to work that one out, but thanks for confirming it. I appreciate the points you are making but there are many reasons why other concertina players chose the systems they presently play, and not all play the English. However, you are not the first person to recommend the English system to me. I realise I need to get more in-depth experience of the systems on offer before I make an investment. Thanks for the advice
  3. I would agree that the difficulty in finding a decent (not a budget model) Hayden Concertina might force me to concentrate on the other systems, the Crane in particular. The Concertina Connection quoted me a waiting time of 48 months for a Hayden. At my time of life that’s a bit too long to wait. The reason I didn’t get on with the English was that I am used to playing, say, a scale on the piano with the fingers of one hand and I just couldn’t adjust to the alternating fingering of the English. But that’s just me. Thanks again to everybody for their advice and suggestions
  4. @Little John & @Inventor Thank you both very much for the additional information. Whether the Wicki system or the Hayden Slope version is suitable for me is something that I could only determine by actually physically handling both systems, but thanks for pointing out that the two versions exist. Similarly, before I purchase either a Vintage Crane or Maccann Concertina from a UK dealer or a New Hayden Concertina from a US dealer I would ideally like to try them first. This brings me back to my original dilemma, being able to try these different systems first and then make the investment. Anyway, thanks again, as all this information is useful in helping me decide which route to take.
  5. Thanks for that information. That’s an interesting point about what Chris tends to stock. I am based in North London. I did visit Hobgoblin in London but they didn’t seem to know where that listed “Elise” was located. It was there that I tried the English system. Thanks for your response
  6. Hi Thanks for the reply. I don’t know why I omitted the Crane system, but thanks for mentioning it again. I will certainly add it to the list of systems to try. When I recently contacted Barleycorn Concertinas (Chris is still running it) they didn’t have any Haydens in stock but I would agree they are certainly worth a visit. Thanks for the suggestions
  7. I am a complete novice and should be very grateful for some advice. I have a musical background playing Piano, Piano Accordion and Melodeon (with difficulty) and would now like to learn to play the Concertina. I have discounted the Anglo because of difficulties in mastering the changes of direction needed, as testified by my terrible and tortuous melodeon playing. I have also discounted the English concertina after having tried to play one as my brain can’t seem to deal with the alternate fingering required, even for a simple scale. So that leaves the Duet system. However, I am not sure as to which Duet system I should go for. The Hayden system seems to me to be logical and fit in with what I expect, as a Pianist. The Maccann system seems to be a little more hap-hazard. The problem I have is finding a dealer that has both systems available for me to compare. Can anybody recommend a dealer or organisation here in the UK that is likely to have both systems or suggest a way that would enable me to try both systems The dealers I have contacted over the past week, who have all been extremely helpful, don’t seem to have any Hayden concertinas. All advice and opinions would be gratefully received thanks
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