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  1. 😕

    It sounds to me... The 4 weeks the dealer promised to me resulted in around 8-9 at final...

    I hope you will receive the Stagi soon!!. After that I think It would needed a checking by an accordion technician...

    I enjoy the Stagi very much!. Honestly, It seems to me the Stagi could be a better instrument with no too difficult changes in its construction. I can try to play more things that I previosly imagined.

    The major defaut IMO is I thing it is a litle bit awkward, because I feel both the buttons and bellows are a bit hard to play. I feel my arms getting tired after not so much time playing.

  2. This is my first post. I wish all you a happy and musical new year, from Spain!.

    Briefly: my recent experience (december 2017) on purchasing a new Stagy hayden in Europe.

    • Five dealers were requested (from five different countries, Spain as well) by using their own webs: only two responses received (from Germany and Sweden) .
    • I found the swedish dealer (accordionary.com) to have the more kind and fast attendance. In addition, they promised (no extra charge) both to ensure a tuning of the instrument to A442 and to make eventual adjustments (in similar manner than offers button box) to ensure a perfect playing condition before delivery.

    So I made a partial pre-payment for a Stagi hayden...., after which…

    • accordionary.com advertized me the tina would be sent directly from Brunner Musica (the builder), without a previous check by the dealer. :(
    • I received the instrument (with delay) in perfect A442 tune, as promised.
    • Only three keys make a light buzzing, not so problematic by the moment . But some loss of air seemed to happen
    • An accordion repairman in Madrid made a general checking under my presence, ….and showed me two leaks in the wooden reed block of the left side…

    Conclusion: unfortunatelly, to buy a new Stagi (hayden) in Europe continues to be a challenge…


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