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  1. 6 hours ago, Halifax said:

    Susan, I checked the session (www.thesession.org) and there are sessions in Brunswick and Bath that are closest to you. I wonder if you'd have luck starting one in Augusta? Maybe we should start a new thread about how to start a new session?

     Actually all of those places are quite far from me , about four hours of driving . But I might try to start one in Presque Isle or maybe right here in Fort Fairfield. 

    Like your idea of a new thread. Not sure if I can find anyone near here that plays ITM


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  2. This is such a helpful discussion. I am a real beginner, exactly two years with my first instrument ever. I also live in a very remote area with no teacher or sessions. I do try and play with recordings and it is more challenging even when I slow them down I am easily distracted.

    What do you think I might do if I wanted to start a “SLOW Session “

    i have been thinking unless I take action , I will never know if there are others around me who want to play .


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  3. Thanks for the info. I may look at the software but it would have to run on my Windows laptop that I hardly ever use. 

    I also looked ABC Easy Notes but could not really understand how to make it work. Many years ago I probably could have. Too bad someone doesn’t make an app to do this. I only use ABC notation but I think this would slowly have me reading music.

  4. Hi Jody,

    You may not remember me but we met two years ago at NESI. I was the old woman who couldn’t stop smiling because I had for the first time found the instrument I wanted to play.  You and Doug Barr helped as I looked for an instrument to buy and were so kind all weekend.

    at the time I bought a Ceili. A few months later, I was lucky in life. I was able to get a Dipper at a gift price. After my family members I treasure it most.

    BUT you absolutely speak truth

    “ A beginner will still sound like a beginner regardless of concertina vs accordion reeds in the box.”

    But as Wolf has said my Dipper sure makes it easy to want to keep getting better.

  5. On 4/17/2019 at 8:28 PM, Daniel Hersh said:


    I agree that accenting the non-repeated notes is the way to approach this, especially since the repeated notes are on the off-beats, so they should generally not be accented anyway.  More pressure on the on-beats, less pressure on the off-beats.  To refine it further, in an Irish jig (such as Irish Washerwoman) there should be more accenting/pressure on the third note of the triplet than on the second.  So put the most pressure on the first note of the triplet, second-most on the third note, and least on the second note.


    Cormac Begley's playing is a good illustration of the effects you can get with changes in bellows pressure.  Here's a jig from him, played on what I think is a bass Anglo concertina.


    This is driving me crazy. What is this tune?

  6. I am very lucky to own a fabulous Anglo CG made by Colin Dipper. Too glorious an instrument for someone of my talents but I treasure it.

    when I first decided to play something in the free reed family. I attended NESI and saw all my choices. I was just really drawn to the Anglo. So I bought Morse Ceili from the Button Box. It was very nice and really everything I needed but I had a chance for this Dipper and just couldn’t pass. 

  7. Thank you to all, Halifax, Don Taylor, wunks. I guess I am just trying to move ahead faster. 

    I do try to listen, listen , listen. Especially since many Irish Trad tunes are not familiar to me. I am getting better and continue to get great joy when I play. 

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