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  1. Chris Ghent gave me a bit of help with a trial piano felt to make bushes to go into keys, so that the lever arms are snug. But... as a (learning) bookbinder, I have ready access to fine, good, the right thickness leather from my Maestro that is snug, offers a cushion on the top part of the hole, or if you turn the 'bush', the tiny sausage sideways, to the top and bottom of the hole. Likewise, I can punch out the tiny pads that fit over the pads on the ends of keys. I've done a couple, and my Lachenal has not complained. I don't think it will rot or fall apart quickly. Have I committed a venal sin? Thanks Larry
  2. Morgana, I'm a bit slow to respond to this. I have a copy of the concertina repair book if you need help. I am in Melbourne. Let me know.
  3. Thanks very much for the info. I've been tinkering a bit and seeing what needs fixing (key grommets/bushes - and Chris Ghent is providing kind advice. For others' info, inside is written that it was restored by Frank Pitt in Box Hill (Melbourne) in 1970. I see that he wrote for FreeReed magazine (Google is wonderful). Larry
  4. Hello, this has come into my possession, plus the wooden box. As usual, any idea of the date? It sounds sweet, a few buzzes on the pull buttons left 1&2, otherwise.. should I take a look inside? And it's a dark wood.
  5. Hello, I've been teaching myself for a few months now, but I'd apppeciate some lessons, perhaps a buddy... is there anyone out there? I live in Elwood. Thanks Larry
  6. hello there, I've been playing for about 4 weeks now and I am getting into my 30 key Anglo. I've found a piece of Handel (the Harmonious Blacksmith in Minasi's Instruction Book for the Use of Learners of the German Concertina) that is linked of this site and on archive.org, but I'm looking for other scores ( especially 'simple') pieces. Can anyone help out for Bach, Handel, Hayden, Telleman or other Baroque, even if is for other instruments but usable given the key restrictions (I am relearning music after some decades). Thanks Larry
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