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  1. Didn't find the serial number inside as I had hoped so will have to search for the plate. There was L28 and R28 on the reed pans not sure if this has any relation to the model or serial number, or perhaps a batch number? Not much on the web about H. Boyd but found this:- http://banjolin.co.uk/folkipedia/index.php?pageName=Boyd Might be of interest to those who haven't already found it. Don
  2. Sure, send me a message direct and we can work something out. Don. Farrington Gurney Perhaps you can advise on how to remove resin from carpets following my daughter's surfboard construction!
  3. Just for the record, I have 48 key Wheatstone "Boyd" concertina. Purchased from a private seller in the mid 70s who advertised it in the Exchange and Mart. I didn't notice the Boyd logo until I had owned it for a while. Unfortunately the serial number plate came loose and about 20 years ago (or longer!) I put it somewhere safe and as yet it hasn't surfaced. The serial number is pencilled in on the reed plate so when I take the end off I'll post it. Don
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