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    Free reeds - concertina and melodeon. Cooking. Reading. Textiles. Growing herbs and salads. Making mosaics.
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  1. Cheers Rob! Always appreciate your help and encouragement. Lynne.
  2. Oooooops! Sorry Rob! Anyway, a good opportunity to thank you for all your (on-going!) help and to set the record straight that it is all down to YOU that I decided to buy the anglo! Mike I shall indeed be in touch, I could do with some direction I think as I'm not finding it so easy to pick up as the melodeon was. Thanks. All best Lynne.
  3. Hi Gary, just joined the forum, and mentioned the good tutor book I bought, neglecting to mention that it was YOUR tutor book! And very good it is too and I like your tab version. Have looked at a couple of others but this seems to me - a complete beginner - the easiest one to deal with. I PARTICULARLY love your attitude to fingering - I have my own very random version on my melodeon, it suits me fine, and I expect will go a similar route with the concertina. I experience many more trip-ups when trying to follow proscribed fingering patterns. Yes, each person has a different size and shape to their hands and our brain/finger connect is far from standardised! Thanks for writing such a clear beginner's manual.
  4. Hi there Condertina.netters! New member here, just purchased my first concertina (and likely to be my last if my bank balance has anything to do with it! ) I have a vintage 40 button G/C anglo, and have never played one before. I live in West Norfolk UK and have a couple of friends (one of this parish, Artidots) who are being helpful with showing me round the instrument and explaining what's what. I also have a good tutor book. However I'd love to find an anglo tutor in- county, if possible, to start me off on the right track. I also play D/G melodeon and fiddle. I don't read music. Might there be anyone out there, say within a 40-50 mile radius of….Kings Lynn probably my nearest town, ? Yes, we are used to driving miles to get anywhere here in Norfolk! I'm enjoying reading your back pages to get a feel of the place and in the process educating myself about all sorts of things - some even related to concertinas! Living in hope, Lynne.
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